10 Brilliant Tips to Streamline Your Next House Move!

Are you planning to move from Cuttack to Calicut, present-day Kozhikode? You want to have everything aligned and organized as per your plan but you are in a major dilemma because of the recent moving scam stories doing rounds in the moving business. Is this what resonates with your current situation? Well, knowing the ongoing pandemic situation, things might be appearing all the more challenging to you. But do not worry as you can always rely on the moving experts – the packers and movers in Cuttack. Since the contagion all around us is getting deadly with every passing day and the Covid-19 restrictions making the situation traumatic, managing a move at this hour can be nerve-wracking!

No one likes moving in stressful situations. That is why anyone planning a move keeps looking out for moving checklists, planners, hacks, and more so that the shifting happens effortlessly. Remember, it takes only a few loopholes or shortfalls to make a move fall out, but it takes months of planning, weeks of decision-making, and days of sleeplessness to make a move successful!

So without stressing over things unnecessarily, we must pull up our socks and start preparing for the project at the earliest. There will always be disturbances and problems along the way but all those can be managed simultaneously if we have a great moving plan in place. But, before that, we can check out these amazing tips mentioned below:

• Prepare all your possessions

When we talk about moves, we cannot emphasize enough the packing and protection aspect of our belongings. If you are packing them, you need to be very careful and use the ideal handling techniques and packing materials. But, before that, you need to prepare everything that you are thinking of moving along with you. A pre-move clean-up and sorting are very important.

• Safeguard expensive jewelry

Our jewelry and all the tiny, intricate pieces of ornaments and accessories must be packed with care. These have their value and one cannot see them in harmed condition at any cost. So, make sure you use durable jewelry boxes and customized cartons and bags formulated for packing jewelry. The moving experts would not pack them as these are an individual’s items.

• Get yourself a moving binder

A moving folder is all that you need to keep the important documents safe and secure. So, prepare that and organize all the paperwork and proof that you would need to show as evidence to the movers. The agreement papers, insurance claims, inventory, budget, and all other move-related documents should be placed in this, so you can access them whenever you need them.

• Clean up your space quickly

Those who think that packing is all about removing everything from the closets and storage spaces and putting them in the moving boxes are wrong. Every item should be prepared and cleaned before it is being packed. And when it comes to the clothing section, one should make sure whatever they choose to take along is washed well before the move.

• Schedule your rummage sale

We know time is short and you have plenty of tasks to accomplish. But sorting and de-cluttering your space and preparing the shortlisted items for sale is equally important. By doing so, you will not only reduce your moving load but get to earn some quick money ahead of the move. So, plan it at the earliest so you can plan the next thing in mind.

• De-clutter as much as you can

Although you will witness a clean space once conduct the garage sale there will still be a lot of things that would look extra or odd or simply pointless. Make sure you do not pack them. Just revisit them and pare down a bit more. Remember, extensive de-cluttering is very important as it will keep your moving budget in check!

• Create your moving inventory

Finally, when you have run a couple of rounds of sorting and de-cluttering, you will get to know what exactly you want to pack and take along. Now it is time for you to prepare the list of inventory denoting the number of articles you will move. This inventory must be kept securely in the moving binder for post-move goods inspection.

• Keep some funds for urgency

Planning the moving budget keeping aside ample funds is the key to a successful move. You wouldn’t know what awaits you in the moving journey – there can be an accident, vehicle breakdowns, theft, fire, pilferage, and any mishap, so you should have sufficient funds with you so that you can tackle that with immediate monetary support. Keep saving money all the while you plan for your move to lessen the stress on your pocket.

• Take note of restricted items

If you have not discussed the details and priorities of your move with the moving professionals yet, then you are committing a big mistake. Do you know several household items are not allowed to be packed for the move? Do you know packing food items, especially the perishable ones must not be packed for the journey? And, the combustible, hazardous items in our household are just not allowed to be packed in a moving truck? – Like these, various other items in our household are not fit for the move. Take note of them from the experts or browse them on the internet.

• Inform the donation experts

Remember the pile of items you prepared for donation purposes, while you were sorting out your belongings? You should also devise a plan of giving them out to those who are less fortunate than you. That way, you can manage both your load and your moving budget. If you are short of time and couldn’t make a visit to the donation centers or social agencies before the move, you can even inform the authorities of the social organization. They will collect the items from your home on time.

To enjoy a smooth and comfortable Cuttack to Calicut moving experience, make sure you book the movers and packers in Cuttack on time and prepare yourself for the move with the tips shared in this article.

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