4 Crucial Tips to Consider When You Are Moving with A Portable Container!

Moving containers or cubes play a major role in streamline the work process of the logistics and transportation business. Does this statement come to you as a surprise? Are you unable to join the dots and understand what exactly we are talking about? Well, then let’s begin with a simple story as it will help you to comprehend things in a better way. If we go back to the conventional transportation system and compare it with the present times, we can visualize a major difference and one major line of evaluation is how moving containers or portable storage cubes have made moving easy and seamless! This container (cube) feature has been launched by several leading companies and has been incorporated by customers and clients alike owing it its efficacy. The portable storage concept that has been brought by Agarwal Packers is known to us as ‘Trucking Cube’ – multimodal cubes that have substituted the traditional open truck transportation system.


If you are someone planning for a move and are willing to make it in a hassle-free manner, you can opt for these moving containers or cubes and enjoy a smooth transition to your new home. Also known as smart boxes, portable storage units, moving cubes, etc. – these moving cubes could be the best choice for those looking for a door-to-door relocation service. And the best part is, you can move as large a household article as your oversize furniture in this without worrying about space and storage issues. If you have already booked your storage unit (cube) but are not convinced about how to pack and move with these containers, then this blog post is a must-read for you!

Just go through the ideas shared below and have a stress-free move with trucking cubes:

• Enjoy a convenient container packing process

Curating on similar lines as a moving truck is but far better and beyond in terms of the safety, security and flexibility offered. With a moving container, customers can freely load and arrange their packaged moving boxes and cartons as per their ease. If you wish to pack your moving container on your own, at your own pace, you can surely do that. Also, if you have quite a lot of stuff and you have booked multiple cubes of different dimensions for the purpose, you can move similar types of items together. For example, all your furniture, fittings, and fixtures along with the electronics and appliances could be packed and moved together in one cube, followed by another smaller cube that would transport all your bedding, clothes, and crockery/cutlery. Of course, there are options of adding extra space with shelves and racks and for that, you can discuss your requirements with your moving team.

• Experience a hassle-free move with cubes

There is not much of a difference when you are packing a moving container than how you would have packed an open truck. The only difference is that your goods and valuables remain untouched and intact, and away from the public eye when you choose a portable container like a trucking cube. Coming to the hassle-free packing process that you enjoy with moving containers, it is like – you can designate as many moving containers for your move or even choose to opt for a part of it. That is, even if you have a smaller shipment, you can go for this service and easily book and pay for only the needful space in the moving container. If you are packing the container with your goods on your own, you should check if the packages are labelled properly as it would help in easy unloading and rearrangement of goods in your new home.

• Value-added services offered with portable units

Several other prime reasons make moving containers popular. Owing to their low floors, customers enjoy a hassle-free entry and exit from these units when they are packing one. This makes the loading and unloading process of even the complex of items easier. Secondly, the cost of renting these units is much less as compared to the open truck option where you not only pay a large amount but also compromise on the safety and security of your valuables because there is no proper shelter or shield in place. There is no need for additional labour for the loading and unloading task as customers’ can fulfil that on their own, at the comfort of their doorstep.

• The perfect secure storage unit for your goods

Unlike open trucks where one had to evacuate the space soon after the destination was reached, portable containers like trucking cubes provide you with an added 24-hour storage option where you can securely keep your goods in your place and vacate it the next day as per your ease. In some cases, customers even avail long term secure storage facility with these cubes by paying an extra fee. The best part is, customers can lock the units once they have been packed and unlock them with the retained key when the consignment has finally reached your doorstep on the given date. Whatever your moving requirement may be like, you can discuss and clarify them with the moving team before you agree and sign up for a moving deal.

Note: Though there is much flexibility when it comes to moving with containers there are certain restrictions too – there are items that are prohibited to be transported in these units and you must be aware of that beforehand so that you do not pack them by mistake. For instance – the perishable items in our household like dairy products, poultry produce, should not be moved in these units. They emit a smell, can get spoilt, and entice pests, ruining the whole atmosphere within the container. Only the manufactured products that have been sealed with preservatives can survive the long transit and not any fresh, edible food items. Other restricted items include all the inflammable items that can burst under certain circumstances and temperature and cause accidents, for instance, aerosols, cleaning agents, disinfectants with a high degree of chemicals, paints, turpentine, explosives, etc. should not be transported in these.


These were some of the advantages one can explore and enjoy with the portable storage units. And the points we have discussed above also are a guide about how these moving containers or cubes can be packed for relocation. If you have booked one for your forthcoming move, and are apprehensive about certain things, this blog post would be of much help.

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