5 Best Plugins to Embed Instagram Feed on WordPress

Instagram Feed on WordPress

Do you have a WordPress website? And Are you looking for ways to make it visually appealing and engaging? Come with us to know more about it. Instagram currently has 1.86 billion users across the globe. It is why big brands and businesses opt to embed Instagram feed on WordPress website. It helps them to make their website more engaging and visually appealing. 

As a WordPress website owner, one can use a plugin to embed Instagram on WordPress Website. And in this blog, we will discuss the best plugins to embed Instagram on WordPress websites. Follow along. 

5 Efficient WordPress Plugin To Embed Instagram Feed On Website 

There are so many plugins available on WordPress. If you want to choose an efficient one, it has to go through many checklists. Follow the list to choose the best one for your business. 

#1 Tagembed 

The popular social media aggregator Tagembed helps users aggregate, curate, personalize, and display social media feeds. Because it is easy to use, produces top-notch results, and offers affordable price alternatives forever. It is why their users will love the product. 

Users of Tagembed can connect to more than 20 social media platforms, displaying a variety of content on the website. It also grants you access to a specific Instagram widget for WordPress that you can use to display Instagram content on the website.

Tagembed simplifies the embedding process while providing several additional features that considerably increase the tool’s value and improve the effectiveness of this strategy.

For example, To make the widget and website more appealing, you can adjust the widget to your needs and alter the text size, font style, and other factors. You can also manage the content by removing any comments you find objectionable or unrelated to your website. Or you can choose auto-moderation, which deletes text containing the chosen keywords without your interaction, or you can manually remove them. You can also change the card curve to go well with your 

#2 Spotlight 

With the help of the Spotlight WordPress plugin, you can quickly show an Instagram feed on your website. You have complete control over how your Instagram feed looks to your visitors. And the part is that it is simple to set up. By choosing your colors and designs, you can customize your widget. It will help you reflect your brand in a better manner. 

You can also include a Follow us button. It will invite your visitors to follow you on Instagram. At the same time, a  Load More button will allow them to view the complete gallery. 

#3 10Web Social Photo Feed

The 10Web Social Photo Feed plugin from 10 Web enables you to create image galleries on your website by adding the complete timeline to your posts. You can easily modify your feed’s layout and show it in several pre-built formats. Integrating your Instagram feed with your website can give users a more comprehensive brand image.

You can display single and mixed feeds on your posts and pages with 10Web Social Photo Feed. For your mixed feeds, you get access to a feed filter. The plugin is regularly updated, and we will let you know as soon as a new version is ready.

#4 Smash Balloon Photo Feed 

You can quickly display posts from a non-private account on one or more feeds with the Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed plugin. This incredibly responsive plugin looks fantastic on all sizes of devices. This plugin provides a responsive feed. It means your feed will adjust its size per the visitors’ device.

Moreover, you can modify your feed and how it appears to your viewers. The “Load More” button invites your website’s visitors to view an endless stream of content. It will encourage website visitors to stay on your website longer.

#5 Feed Them Social 

Feed Them Social allows you to bring your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube content to your website using a beautiful, customizable layout. With this plugin, you can customize the font colors. It also allows you to create as many feeds as you like. The feed Them Social plugin includes two buttons at the top and bottom of the feeds. It helps you invite visitors to like and follow your social media profiles. This way, you can easily increase the time spent on your page while growing your social media presence. 

Wrapping up 

A strong Instagram presence would be best to attract visitors to your website and keep them there. Instead of maintaining two separate online personas, it’s vital to integrate Instagram into your website.

We recommend you find the best for your business from the list above. 

We guarantee they are appropriate for businesses of all sizes and budgetary limitations because of their affordable pricing and extensive customization options.

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