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5 Features To Consider Before Buying A Smart Lock

electronic access control

The protection of your residential or commercial building depends upon the right type of locks. Locks with electronic access control systems are the best for securing your building as you can control the locking and unlocking of your door from anywhere. With modern and smart locks, you have fewer fears of any burglaries taking place. There are some features that most homeowners do not know. Also, the features are unknown to the business owners. Today’s blog will uncover the five important features to consider before buying a smart lock.

A Lock With Electronic Access Control

You might be fed up with the locks which you cannot control through your smartphone. Hence, by using modern technology, engineers have manufactured smart locks which you can control anywhere you’re. If your family member is outside and he needs to enter the home, you can open the door wherever you’re. Hence, you should get such a lock that has electronic access to your phone. 

Battery Life

Smart locks operate either on multiple alkaline batteries or rechargeable lithium-ion cells. Whichever battery your smart locks use, it doesn’t matter, but the life of the battery should be high for your facility. Otherwise, you may face a problematic situation dealing with your locks. Before buying a smart lock, you must seek advice from an expert locksmith who knows about security locks and their functions. Choosing unreliable locks will frequently put you in the lurch, often requiring lock repair in Jacksonville. So, you must not make the mistake of choosing any smart lock without properly knowing about the features of that lock. 

Alternate Entry Options

Choosing a smart lock is the ambition of every homeowner until it works well. Otherwise, the entire charm of smart locks with electronic access control goes in vain. Hence, you must see if the smart lock has alternate entry options and other features. With alternate entry options, you can rest assured that in case of failing technology, you can manually open the door with a pin code. In some cases, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth do not work, and you keep standing at the door trying to open it. Hence, the alternate entry option is a blessing. 

Guest Keys

Do you know that modern smart locks have multiple features like you can allow anyone to enter your building in your absence? If you have a pet and have asked the neighbor to feed it in your absence, how will he enter the building? You can give him the pin code or guest key, which is an important feature in some lock types. With this feature, you can allow anyone to enter your home or office. Also, modern smart locks don’t cause any problems, minimizing the need for lock repair in Jacksonville frequently. 

Speak To Unlock Feature

The modern smart locks also have a ‘speak to unlock’ feature, which means you can open the door with your voice. The lock will have a set pin code that you will have to say when you’re in the range of the sensor. The door on recognizing your voice telling the pin code will immediately open to welcome you at home. 

Final Words

In final words, you cannot ignore the importance of modern locking systems. Smart locks have many features that improve your security system. At Jaybe Locksmith, we are professional locksmiths who can provide the ultimate solution to your security problems. Feel no hesitation in giving us a call if you want us to improve the security of your residential or commercial building.