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5 Key Meta Tags to use for SEO


The title tag is the primary HTML component SEO tools show to clients in the indexed lists. It’s utilized as a short portrayal for Search Engines, to get what’s really going on with your page.

Google utilizes this tag to look at your outcomes against rivals and uses this data when choosing where to put your URL in the Top 100 Results.



The title tag is between 0 – 60 Characters

It permits clients and web indexes to comprehend the subject of your site page

It shows up as the primary line of your natural query output

It permits Google to see how your page analyzes to that of your rivals

As per Moz’s Hierarchy of SEO Needs, the Title Tag is given second need with regards to Organic impact.

Meta Description

The meta portrayal is a short depiction showed in the list items and is found straightforwardly underneath the page title. In digital marketing company liverpool incredible thing about meta portrayals is that they’re versatile and they give clients a thought on what content they may hope to see when they navigate to your website page.

Albeit this isn’t straightforwardly associated with Google’s Ranking components, it assists clients with getting what you have to bring to the table, and how their particular inquiry question may identify with your web result.

What’s surprisingly better is that in the event that you use catchphrases in your meta depictions that are likewise remembered for a client’s hunt question, they will appear as striking in your meta portrayals.



Meta depictions:

Give a short outline of the page

Are normally between 0 – 160 characters

Give an opportunity to grab the client’s eye in the indexed lists

Meta Robots

The Meta Robots is a vital snippet of data that discloses to Google how you need your site page to be crept.

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In digital marketing agency in glasgow is a little scrap of code that can be added to the segment of any site and is one of the principal bits of content that Google will slither and file to see how to creep your site.

There are 4 fundamental Meta Robots Tags you could utilize including:

File, follow (Tells Google to list the page and follow joins)

Record, Nofollow (Tells Google to file the page however not to follow joins)

Noindex, follow (Tells Google to not record the page and follow joins)

Noindex, Nofollow (Tells Google to not list the page and not to follow joins)


Meta Viewport

A meta viewport label sets the apparent space of a page permitting Google to check whether your page is versatile. The

Google makes reference to that the tag conveys a solid message back to Google’s positioning calculation and will assist with putting you above sites that don’t utilize a responsive plan.



Pages with Meta Viewport labels permit Search Engines like Google, Fixerfox and Bing to check whether your website page is dynamic.

Pages that don’t utilize the Meta Viewport Tag and are not delivered in a portable adaptation might bring about a high bob rate; as clients will in general leave a page following 3 seconds if the work area variant is stacked on a cell phone.

We prescribe applying Meta Viewport Tags to every one of your pages.

Meta Charset

Meta charset or “HTML Charset” is a little piece of code that controls the person encoding show of a site.

Sites that are not utilizing the meta charset will bring about certain characters not being shown effectively on a site page. This implies that clients and web search tools can not see how the text on a site page ought to be shown.