5 Steps to Enjoy A Budget-Friendly House Move in Less Time!

We often hear people saying ‘Time is Money. Well, the metaphor rings true and we realize this when we are dealing with some significant life event, like relocations. For someone who is planning a move, every minute leading up to the moving day would appear precious, just like every penny would seem a bit more valuable. After all, we all know that it needs both to execute a successful move. So, when you are all set to move effortlessly but on budget, you can have Agarwal Packers to assist you in the job. Relocations are meant to be planned and executed with complete efficiency, so having expert assistance on board does help.


Moving has always been associated with expenses, efforts, and endless time consumption, but you can make it within your prescribed budget, stipulated time, and with minimal effort if you check out the following tips ahead of your next move.

Here they go:

Prepare yourself in advance

• You have to be careful and proactive since you have decided to tackle your packing responsibility on your own, without any expert assistance. Stop procrastinating things and start preparing for your move as early as you can. Prepare lists of tasks like bill payment, notifying authorities, etc. that you have to fulfill, and the list of things you have to purchase, so you do not miss out to take care of something really important.

• You have to purchase the packing essentials so you can easily start with the task without any hassle. So, make sure to assess your belongings and collect moving boxes in different patterns and styles. Packing materials should be of high quality and since packaging supplies are quite expensive, you can opt for different clever ways of gathering them on budget – by shopping for them locally – from liquor stores and grocery shops.

Pick movers on your budget

• People have this misconception that local movers are not ideal, well we agree with this to some extent because not every local moving company could have relevant experience in the relocation domain but if you research well, finding a good moving deal in the budget is very much possible. All you need to do is research thoroughly, read reviews, seek referrals and seek professional guidance because the more you dig deeper, the better you get.

• Relocation involves a lot of abrupt expenses, so it is better to keep your finances in check when you are hiring movers. Start by shortlisting a few genuine moving companies that have budget-friendly rates for packing and moving. Read their terms and conditions, damage policy, insurance policy, and other crucial details they have given on their website so you remain well informed about the kind of moving plan you have chosen for yourself.

Devise a practical move plan

• Moving plan has to be sensible, accurate, and comprise of all the key aspects related to your move – from the day you will start packing, the number of days you will allot to each of your packing tasks, which rooms you are going to tackle first, when are you going to sort our de-clutter, when to appoint the experts from Agarwal Packers and Movers, etc., etc. All of this has to be taken note of on your moving planner so you keep addressing the tasks as the days go by.

• Some of the most crucial things that you must not forget to incorporate in your moving plan are – the days you will keep aside for the garage sale, the day you will notify your landlord, the day when you will organize a closing get-together, the day you will furnish all your important documents and identity papers before the move and so on.

Shop around for materials

• Simply purchasing the essential packing materials is not enough; there are thousands of other things that one has to get before the movers arrive. For example, the rudiments you will need to prepare your overnight bag – the medications, toiletries, bathroom linen, eating supplies, tools, etc., you would need for the overnight journey and also right after your move. Keep the cleaning supplies within easy reach because you will need them soon after your move for the post-move clean-up.

• If you are relocating to a faraway location, you should be looking out for ways to giving away your heavy furniture and household items, so you can keep your moving weight in check. Rather, you can prepare a list of the new purchases you will make in your new home. Because at times, letting go of things and then repurchasing them after the move remains a sensible option and works great on keeping the budget in check.

Mind out the packing quality

• You might have purchased high-quality packing supplies but you also need to take care of how efficiently you have packed your belongings for the transit. If the professionals are doing it, there is no need to worry, all you should be doing is supervise their process and help them out whenever they need something. If you have some specialty items in your range that you want superior protection for, you can ask the movers to provide you with that.

• To make the packing task go as smoothly as possible, you can even call your friends in advance so that when you pack your belongings, on your own before the experts reach your place. This way you shall be able to wrap up a majority of your packing tasks and would not need professional packing services for your full range of household items. Remember, no matter who does your packing, the quality of packing should remain uncompromised. Everything should be amply secured and protected keeping in mind the distance of the move and the fragility, loading, and unloading should be executed equally well.

If you are one of those, who look around for stress-free life events, that are equally good on your budget and takes care of the sanity of your mind, then this blog post might have helped you in gathering some useful insights ahead your move. Bear in mind to hire the experts from Agarwal Movers and Packers because they would guide you throughout the move brilliantly!

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