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5 Things To Know About Pap Smear Test in North Hills

North Hills Pap Smear Test

Undergoing a North Hills pap smear test is critical and a lifesaver. The test enables doctors to screen for cervical cancer, a deadly ailment. It is reproductive system care used for preventive purposes. The test helps detect abnormal cells from a cervical sample collected by a gynecologist. An OB/GYN performs the smear tests to check the presence of cancerous or precancerous cells. 

The North Hills pap smear physician will also check for human papillomavirus during the tests. Suppose the outcome is abnormal or unclear. This will mean you have either an infection or cervical cancer. Keep reading to learn more about the things you need to know regarding this test.

Things to Know About Pap Smear Tests in North Hills Clinic

Pap smear tests can be used in diagnosing other infections. The screening is typically recommended for women 21 years and above, especially if they are sexually active. Even if these tests feel like nothing new, there are several things you need to know about the North Hills pap smear test. Learn more

Prepare for a North Hills Pap Smear Test

Before you get to the Pap smear procedure, the doctor will give you a detailed explanation of all that happens from the nurse or doctor. Here are the factors you require to consider before undergoing this test:

  • Avoid using any vaginal fluids before the treatment.
  • Do not use tampons 24 hours before the test.
  • Avoid any sexual intercourse.
  • Do not douche
  • Avoiding spermicide foams, creams, and jellies should be avoided two days before the treatment because they might tamper with or wash the abnormal cells.
  • Suppose you are on your menstrual, reschedule a pap smear test.

During the North Hills pap smear procedure, the test will be done in the doctor’s office. In a few minutes, the test will be done. When the tests are done, you must wear a hospital gown and then undress below your waste. You will then need to lie by your back to make the test site accessible. Your knees will be bent, and the heels will be supported using stirrups.

 A tool called a speculum will be placed into your vagina to collect the cervical samples for the tests. The tool helps in holding the vaginal walls to ease reaching the cervix. As the doctor inserts the tool, you will feel some pressure in your pelvic or vagina site. The doctor will have to use a tiny soft brush to collect the sample. You do not need to worry about the sample collected because the process is painless.

Get a Pap Smear Test At Least Each Three Years

The pap smear screening is critical in detecting abnormal cells in your cervix that could lead to cervical cancer. There are two major causes of cervical cancer. These are HPV, the leading cause of sexually transmitted infection. The second is glandular cell mutation unrelated to HPV and can cause adenocarcinoma. Yearly, most women are diagnosed with cervical precancers that require treatment. The best news is that treating cervical cancer earlier before it reaches advanced stages helps raise the survival rate.

The Doctor Might Recommend an HPV or a Pap Test

HPV is commonly recommended where you want to have a pap test. This recommendation is between the ages of 30 to 65. HPV causes cervical cancer and helps detect cervical cancer or abnormal cells compared to a standard pap smear test.

Suppose You Have a Risk Factor, You Will Require Frequent Pap Smear Tests

Suppose you have multiple partners, are immune-compromised, have had abnormal pap smears in the past, or have been treated after an abnormal pap smear test, you will need to take these tests annually. The above factors increase the risk, and smoking is one of them.

If a woman gets HIV, her body will undergo several changes, mostly affecting the creation of cells in the uterine walls. HIV in your system makes your body prone to infections because of the lowered defense system. The infections typically affect the reproductive system. If you have HIV, getting a pap smear test regularly is critical to obtain good health in your cervix and vagina as you continue with your medication.

Also, if you have a powerless immune system, it might compromise your pre-existing health issue. It makes your body prone to several health issues, including the attack of abnormal cells causing cervical tissues. Intensive chemotherapy sessions tend to cause a weak immune system. Typically, genetics cause a weak immune system. Therefore, you must plan an appointment with a gynecologist for a pap smear test.

Abnormal Cells Do Not Directly Mean You Have Cervical Cancer

Usually, it is common for women to have abnormal pap smears. Suppose the test shows the presence of HPV. This will trigger an automatic decision to perform a colposcopy. This is a procedure that enables you to have a closer look at the cervix using a colposcope.

Final Thought

Above are the many things you need to note about the North Hills pap smear test. These tests are essential because they allow your doctor to detect abnormal cervical earlier. This will allow them to diagnose the problem early and treat it early before it becomes cancerous. It also allows the doctors to detect other infections affecting your cervix. Contact your doctor today, and your tests will be done at North Hills on the same day as your appointment.