5 Ways to Attract Customers by Personalised Shopping Experience

5 Ways to Attract Customers by Personalised Shopping Experience

“Amazon.com strives to be the e-commerce destination where consumers can find and discover anything they want to buy online.” – said, Jeff Bezos.

Well, it does not matter if you already have an online store or you are going to start a new business, the most important thing to keep in mind to make your business grow is to attract more new customers. You will need different options to acquire users for your online store. GroupBy reviews is a search, merchandising and SEO solution enabled by machine learning that empowers your digital team to deliver a personalized site experience that demonstrably increases online revenue, empowers your merchants, and reduces the costs and complexities of IT. GroupBy Inc. is helping leading retailers, such as Urban Outfitters, CVS, and The Container Store, increase conversions, revenue, and profits.

Here are 5 Ways to Attract Customers by Personalised Shopping Experience:

A beautiful store:

If you want to attract your potential customers to your business then the first thing to keep in mind is to have an attractive website for your business. You will need a creative design for your online store because if your website is ugly and does not provide a user-friendly experience then the customers will get unsatisfied and leave your business. You should be aware that if a customer wants to purchase something from your store then it will take them just 3 seconds to make decisions that’s why putting the first impression is very crucial.

Social media activity:

If you want to create a free promotion for your online business then taking the help of different social media platforms can be your best option. Well, if you want to publish ads on your website then you will have to pay, or else the mere presence of your online store is free. If you want success for your social media presence, it requires great content. If your social media presence shows interesting performance then many people will want to follow you. Your social media platforms can help your business to connect with lots of people all over the world.

Customer care:

Another thing that can help you to attract your customers is the way you provide customer service. You should understand that the best promotion for your business will be when your clients are fully satisfied. If your customer service team can provide effective information to your customers and also provide better support, then this will make your customers happy and they will eagerly want to connect with your business. Also, they can help you to build a better reputation for your business in the market.


Everyone loves discounts and promos. Well, research says that when the customers see discounts or if they save some money on their products, this makes them feel happy no matter how less the discount is. This is a simple psychological mechanism that is responsible for the happy feeling. So, if your business offers discounts and promos on the product s this can attract more new customers.

You can provide an offer to your new customers when they make their first purchase.

E-mail marketing:

The last option is E-mail marketing.  E-mail marketing is the cheapest and one of the most effective solutions to attract customers. Well, a survey says that 54% of people should positive attitude towards a business if the business is active in sending them E-mails. If your business sends emails about the latest products launch and offers then this will make your customers satisfied.

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