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6 Things You Must Do Before Fall Cleaning

fall clean up

Are you asking yourself the question, “Is fall cleaning a thing?” Although “spring cleaning” is more commonly used than “fall cleaning”, fall is a great time to clean and get cozy with seasonal drinks and sweaters.

As the weather changes, you’ll spend a lot more time indoors so it makes sense that your home is ready for the new seasons. These valuable tips will help you save time on your fall cleaning, as well as how to clean up your fall garden.

Fall Cleaning Tips

Fall cleaning is as important as spring cleaning. These household cleaning tips will help prepare you for the next months.

Fall is the best time to get rid of summer clothes and start wearing fall and winter items.

Start by going through your closet and drawers to identify any wardrobe items you don’t want to wear in the next season. Then, put those things aside.

Second, organize your winter sweaters and dresses.

It’s also a good idea, last but not least, to go through your summer clothes and take inventory of what you haven’t worn.

2. Perform a pantry audit and fill it with fall foods

You not only change what you wear in fall, but also what you eat. A pantry cleaning is a great idea at the beginning of fall.

It’s important to check everything for damage and expiration dates. You should throw out anything that isn’t still good.

While you go through your items, make a “fall inventory-up list” of all the things you need to replace. Make sure to include your favorite seasonal flavors like chili fixings, soups, and pumpkin spice everything in your shopping list.

3. Test and Replace Smoke Detector Batteries

You can also take advantage of the changing seasons to perform home maintenance. When you’re preparing for fall leaves and cooler temperatures, it is easy to forget about your smoke detectors.

You should have smoke detectors on all levels of your house. Carbon monoxide detectors are also recommended. Some smoke detectors can also be carbon monoxide detectors, so you’ll save money by purchasing dual detectors.

To ensure your smoke detector is working properly, put new batteries in and test it. Some smoke detectors come with batteries that can be used for years without needing to be replaced. However, if the battery is no longer working, it is time to replace the entire detector.

Even if the battery can’t be changed, you can still test the unit by pressing and holding the test button.

4. Flip the Mattress

It’s a great idea to pay more attention to your mattress. Your back will thank you, and your upper respiratory system too.

While you change your sheets frequently, how often do your mattress surfaces get vacuumed? Fall is the best time to give your mattress a little more attention, as you will not be able to open windows during the colder months. You can’t put your mattress in the washer and you probably won’t want it to, so you can use an attachment for your vacuum cleaner to clean it.

Use the start of the seasons to remind you to remove your waterproof mattress protector and wash it.

Next, flip your mattress. Because of the way mattresses were made, some mattresses cannot be reversed.

If your mattress isn’t providing you with the support you require and you feel like you have aged a lot, you might consider replacing it. Calling a professional can help you quickly remove your unwanted mattress and provide proper solutions such as recycling.

5. Cleanout and change the air filters

It’s time to change your furnace filters and clean your ducts. You will have a better indoor air quality and your home will look cleaner once all dust is gone.

You may want to have an HVAC company handle your air filter change and cleaning your ducts. They have the specialized tools necessary to do this job well, especially when it comes down to cleaning your ducts.

These maintenance services will also do more than clean the ducts or change the filter. They will inspect your furnace and lubricate any worn parts.

It is better to deal with it before the weather changes for the worse, than having it fail when you most need it.

6. Take care of the Yard and Garden

Your garden and yard are two areas you may neglect as the weather changes to autumn and things start to die down. This is a great time to take a walk through your house to see what you need to do to prepare your garden and landscaping for winter.

Pruning, trimming and other yard maintenance can make your landscape look more appealing.

This is also a great time to review your landscaping tools. You should throw out anything that isn’t working well. Anything that has become dull during the season should not be used.

To prevent rusting, you’ll want to store your sharpened items properly.

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Hire fall cleaning services

It may seem overwhelming to clean your home and then deal with all the trash and other debris that remains. Although it’s great to get rid of clutter and make a fresh start, sometimes you don’t have enough time.

Here are some places you might want to look for fall cleanup services. A service can come in to help.

Book Junk and Debris Removal Online

You don’t have to hire someone to clean your house, because nobody can do it better than you. However, junk removal and disposal services can be very helpful.

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