7 Incredible Ways to Plan for A Move with Kids/Toddlers

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Are you a bit anxious planning for your move? Especially because you have young ones involved in the process? Well, it is quite normal to feel that way. As a parent, we always try to provide the best we can, to our children but when it is about making a move, say from Manesar, your current place of stay to Nagpur, your hometown, you would certainly want things to go pretty smoothly, both for you and your kids because they are more susceptible to the feelings of loneliness and alienated during this phase of life. So, we advise you to book the professional packers and movers in Manesar, so that you can enjoy a happy and comfortable transition from your present home to your new home.

• Communicate with children

Whether you have school-going children or kids below the age of one or two, getting out of the comfort zone and moving into a place completely alienated and unfamiliar is a sad feeling altogether. Though you cannot do much and neither is there much need to do things if you are parents to babies because they are oblivious to people, things, and surroundings, but if you have school-going children, then you must involve them in your home shifting and related discussions. You must let them know for the better so they never develop harsh and sad feelings about the home-shifting subject. You can let interesting things about the new city you are moving to, talk to them about the house you have bought and how they would get everything they ever desired in this place but never experienced. If a new house is still not finalized, show them the snapshots and ask them to choose one, tell them the colour they would want to have in their room, etc. – these gestures would make them feel more involved in the process and they will enjoy.

• Let them be creative

Once you break the news of your moving into the new home, you would find children get into an isolated zone, especially if it was never discussed around them ever. But, you can make the situation lighter and relaxed by making them indulge in other fun things and activities – ask them to create a family puzzle or some memorabilia to create some great memories when you leave the place. These photograph albums and collages would trigger their happy emotions and they would find their creativity level at its best. Besides, you can even involve them in the simplest packing tasks – ask them to put together all their school items, toys, and games in different moving boxes, one by one, carefully and you will see them give their full energy an entire day into that!

• Make things interesting

The idea of moving might appear to be interesting but nobody feels happy leaving their old play of being and stay. That’s true and works equally for elders and children, the only difference is that children are left with a significant impact of this decision, so as a parent, you must try to lessen this emotional upheaval within them by telling them stories about the new place, the new city. Let them know of the interesting stuff that awaits them there – like the landmarks, plays of interest, amusement parks, a new society, etc., etc.

• Do some research ahead

While you spend time with your children and give your all to make them feel better about the decision, there are some basic things that you must take care of and prepare beforehand. Just as you researched about everything for your move – from the packing and moving company to collecting the neighborhood information, you must also research a bit about the kid’s schools, secondary schools, and other essential amenities in the locality you are moving in, like the parking area, nearby parks, amusement centres, shopping malls, cinema halls, banks, shops, hospitals, stations, airports, etc.

• Pack essentials beforehand

This is one of the most important things to do, in a move. There has to be an emergency kit or necessities bag that comprises the medicines, toiletries, food items to munch on during the move, etc. But since you are moving with children, there would be some pretty good addition to this bag – from their storybooks, to the toys, games, and other pacifiers and things they use frequently to their clothes, and their set of pillow and blanket to comfort them during the long tiring journey.

• Organize a fun get-together

As a token of happiness, you can arrange a surprise party and invite all the amazing friends of your children from school and society so they are easily able to get over the unpleasant feeling they are going through since the time you talked to them about the move. This party would be more like a great meet-up occasion where your children would get a chance to enjoy at their best and have a fantastic time with their cute little friend groups, for one last time. Let them bid goodbye to their friends and make some more wonderful memories together.

• Appoint the professionals

Relocating with kids is quite challenging because you have to take care of their requirements as well, and keep a continuous check on them to ensure they are having a good time. Most of the time, often in the hustle and bustle of moves, we forget to pay attention to the packing tasks at hand, so we should book the moving experts, so at least we can at least, feel at ease after handing them over our household shifting responsibility. So, research well, review quotations, discuss the rates and fees with the movers and packers in Manesar, and finalize a deal that seems to go with the budget.


Moving from one place to another is a complicated journey altogether. And the scenario becomes even more difficult when there are children involved in the process. If you are going through a similar situation and are worrisome for your kids, then you can gather some amazing guiding tips that can help your children get over this phase easily and happily.

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