7 Pro Packing & Moving Tips to Plan a Short Distance Move!

Relocations are stressful, without a doubt – whether you are conducting a long haul or shifting a few cities away. But, there is one thing about shorter moves – they are not that difficult. If you have the idea about how you are willing to plan for your short-distance move, have some time to figure out things ahead of time, have assistance from the top professionals from Agarwal Packers – you can have a great time conducting your move.

The best part of moving shorter distances is that you are not required to plan a lot of things and focus on multiple tasks because you will anyhow be able to complete your move in a shorter time and so, you can carry out those things from the new address, itself, conveniently!

Here are few tips that you can follow by heart if you are thinking of making a short-distance move from Delhi to Punjab. This smart moving guide will ultimately help you to move a lot easier and organized!

• Sit and pan your to-do list

You should not get into the packing process without proper planning and preparation. You would have innumerable activities to focus on, and the absence of an ideal plan and a checklist would raise your troubles. This checklist would either be on your smartphone or you can record/list them in your notepad. Mention all the important things you need to bear out, keep a track of your moving inventory, and keep this checklist handy throughout the move.

• Complete all those major tasks

Once you have revisited your task list, you would realize there are several tasks you need to fulfil – from getting your utility services transferred to your new address, to approaching the bank officials to get your accounts transferred; communicating the moving details and other emergency tasks with your assistant so there is transparency in the process. Other than that, you should also get your address updated in the official accounts of companies and centralized organizations. You might not be moving far enough, but you will be required to accomplish all these crucial tasks so that everything works out pretty well in your new home!

• Prepare yourself and your family members too!

If you think shorter moves are easier on your pocket, health, and situation, then we must advise you to think otherwise. Because, shorter moves could also be hectic and if not handled carefully, could also cost you more money. Therefore, you should never underestimate the power of good management, a proper plan, and good sleep – the last aspect is pretty much overlooked due to lack of time but you should certainly work upon a few things right before your move – one such thing is scheduling your work pattern. Take breaks in between the packing process; get a bag of essentials ready that will accompany you during the next few days of your move.

• Be creative with your items

One of the best tips, when you are moving close to your city, is that you need not think much about the whole packing turmoil ( where you pull out everything from the closet and wardrobes, fold them and keep them in your moving cartons, seal them and pull them out all again after the move ). Rather, you can just pull them down as they are (in cloth hangers) and put them in large plastic bags. You can even carry the clothing drawers and cabinets, just as they are but make sure they are sealed from the top with plastic sheets.

• Sort out your items

Even though short-distance moves are not that challenging like the long-distance ones are, but there is no harm in being prepared to face things like a pro! Ahead of getting into the packing cycle, you should check out all your household articles and other belongings that you wish to move. Make sure you are not moving items that you are not even going to use shortly! Sit back, take your time and segregate your items into piles – items that you should send for donation/charity, the ones that are in pretty good condition and you can sell them for cash, and finally the rest of the old, broken, and damaged goods and clothes in your moving pile that are fit for discard!

• Look over your moving items

Whether you hire moving professionals – Agarwal Packers and Movers for your moving assignment or not, you must decide beforehand how you wish to transport your valuables and fragile goods, apart from the regular household items. Every one of us owns a decent range of exquisite items, glass articles, and other decorative pieces of wall art, paintings, and picture frames that require specialized handling and shipment process. So, make sure you always choose the professionals for the task. They not only lessen your shifting hassle by lifting the load off from your shoulders but also by making everything happen on time!

• Make sure you label

Packing and labelling goods go hand in hand. So, once you finish packing your package/carton of items, you should stick the name label alongside. You can designate a specific colour for each of your rooms, or you can allow a number for them – whichever seems convenient to you! This might appear time-consuming, but it will be a great way to save time when you have reached your new address. The labelled or numbered packages help you to speed up the re-arrangement and organizing of your items. Simply referring to the labels mentioned on the sides of the moving packages, would ease out the whole process and save you from unnecessary hassle.


If you are planning for a shorter move, and thinking about doing the related packing and moving tasks on your own, here is a word of advice – you cannot manage a move all by yourself. Preparing all your goods and belongings rightly and getting them transported safely onto the moving vehicle involves expertise. So, let go of your worries and hire the professionals from Agarwal Movers and Packers and have a stress-free moving journey, any time of the day!

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