A Neurologist in Dubai

Neurology is a branch of medicine that is focused on studying and treating disorders that impact that nervous system of the human body. The nervous system basically coordinates and regulates all our countless bodily activities. A number of health issues can arise in case the nervous system, which includes the brain, nerves and spinal cord, doesn’t perform optimally.

Gncdubai Specialty Hospital – Home to Expert Neurologist in Dubai

The Neurology Department at Gncdubai Specialty Hospital operates under the Neurosciences department, and it is staffed by highly qualified and trained neurologists who work tirelessly to reduce the burden of neurological disorders

When to seek Medical Help?

p>If you are facing unexplained symptoms that could be related to your brain or Nervous system, it could be time to visit a neurologist. Here are a few symptoms why you should visit one:

Chronic or severe headaches

If you get migraine headaches, you should probably make an appointment with a neurologist, especially when the symptoms are associated with neurological deficits or tried treatments prove ineffective. When pain is chronic, and your primary care doctor can’t help you manage it, you should consider a referral to a Neurological Dubai because there could be another underlying reason for the symptoms


Experiencing vertigo (feeling like you’re spinning) or having difficulty keeping your balance could be a sign of something more serious.

Numbness or tingling

Numbness or tingling, especially when it occurs on one side of the body or comes on suddenly, could be a sign of a stroke or other serious condition.

Movement problems

Difficulty walking, shuffling your feet, tremors and unintentional jerks, can all be signs of a nervous system problem.
Memory problems or confusion

Worsening memory problems, personality changes or mixing up words could be signs of Alzheimer’s disease.
There are many different conditions and diseases that can negatively impact the nervous system.

This includes cerebrovascular diseases, headache disorders, infections of the peripheral nervous system and brain, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord disorders, epilepsy and neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

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