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Were you looking for what tyres to buy for your vehicle? Tyres essentially build up to be a vital part of a vehicle. Therefore choosing a proper tyre which will suit the vehicle becomes very crucial. Dunlop comes in handy here!

Dunlop Tyres Ebbw Vale stocks the best of Dunlop tyres from a wide range of varieties. We never tolerate any compromise with the quality of the products we sell. The store is ready for you to come and get your tyre needs sorted. Read on thoroughly to find out more about Dunlop tyres.


The brand of Dunlop has surely created a mark of its name. This company was first birthed by John Boyd Dunlop, hence the name. With their extensive range of operations across the world, Dunlop rose to considerable fame in recent years. This brand is properly operated by Goodyear in the country of North America, New Zealand and Australia. Across the world, it is properly managed by different other companies.

They have a legacy which hailed for 130 years. Since its founding, they have been highly dedicated to providing high-quality tyre and car services all across the world. Today, the brand Dunlop is famous all over the world for its high reliability and efficiency in providing the best products.

A Dunlop tyre undergoes innovation in technology which has been highly perfected for over a century. They are nothing lesser than forerunners of tyre technology. Hence the promise of a thrilling yet safe ride on the road is one that speaks louder with their action.

How to Maintain Dunlop Tyres?

Dunlop developed a passion for progress and reputation which speaks in their products. Here is a list of strengths and steps you can follow to maintain Dunlop tyre health:

  • Maintain economical speed to avoid irregular wear on the tyres.
  • Make sure that the tyres in the vehicle have optimal pressure values.
  • When you start a vehicle, try to avoid jerky starts, sudden brakes or squealing in the tyres.
  • Make sure that the tyres in the vehicle have proper wheel alignment.
  • Irregular balancing in the tyres will lead to more consumption of fuel. Make sure the tyre balancing is regularly checked.
  • When you change a tyre, make sure you do it according to the instructions written on the body of the car.
  • When driving over kerbstones or potholes, avoid rashness.

Tyre Rotation

There are no guidelines on an ideal level of tyre rotation. It varies for different vehicles. Many factors are responsible for it. Namely-

  • Driving style
  • Tyre pressure
  • Climate and temperature
  • Terrain

Drivers should make sure to drive on the road slowly to minimise the tread depth. This will also help regulate wear patterns on the body of the tyres. Change the front and the rear tyres every 5000 kilometres.

Why Choose Dunlop Tyres?

In today’s world we all desire variety. The tyre market today as well thrives by supplying a variety of tyres which specialise in their own advantages. Dunlop is in the list of known brands of tyres namely Michelin, Bridgestone and others. At Ebbw Vale, we proudly present to your the best of Dunlop tyres only for you. These would prove their worth on the road.

Dunlop Tyres Ebbw Vale

In our store, we are dealers of all sorts of Dunlop tyres. Over a century of technology and innovation has made us trust the efficiency and reliability of Dunlop, and we aim to spread that to our clients. Our members at the sore will help you choose the perfect fit of tyre for your vehicle. Have a look at the lavish array of tyres and other car services that we offer.

Were you looking for authorised dealers of Dunlop tyres near Ebbw Vale? You’ve come to the perfect place! Let our trusted band of crew help you with their skill and expertise. We assure you you will find the perfect tyre with us.

Come visit our store and get your Tyres Ebbw Vale.

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