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Continental Tyres


We built a comprehensive service portfolio, modern infrastructure, and a skilled team of experts over his two decades of expertise, resulting in a dependable auto service station and Tyres Bury St Edmunds.


From historic automobiles and RVs to EVs and hybrids, we provide automotive repairs and maintenance for all makes and models. While diagnostics is our speciality, we also provide the following services:

  • Clutch replacement
  • MOT
  • Wheel balancing and alignment
  • Car servicing – Interim and Full


For starters, in our garage, you would never have to deal with a man behind a desk. While the professionals are working on your car, you may speak with them directly. Other elements that boost our appeal include:

In comparison to primary dealers, we are about 40% less expensive. As a result, specialised treatments at our garage will not cost you a fortune.

Our recognition comes from being completely honest in all of our work for our clients.

We also have a large selection of tyres in store that are ideal for every automobile make and model, as well as economical installations at our garage.

Additionally, we provide pickup and delivery within a 5-mile radius.

We diligently observe all hygienic regulations at our garage to protect the safety of our personnel and customers. As a result, every car we work on is completely disinfected, and we use premium-quality gloves, floor mats, and seat coverings.

We also provide courtesy automobiles, but only when they are available.


To achieve the best driving performance, you must select the correct pair of tyres for your car. They are, after all, in charge of keeping steering and longitudinal control, as well as delivering adequate grip for stopping and acceleration.

Our shop is the place to go if you need vehicle tyres. Since our inception, we’ve offered items in a variety of categories and pricing ranges to meet the needs of vehicle owners. Only after comprehensive quality inspections are all of the versions available for purchase.

Our warehouse houses tyre Bury St Edmunds from some of the most well-known manufacturers from throughout the world. Among them are:

  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Bridgestone etc.


Tyres For Summer

Summer tyres have a specialised tougher tread compound that delivers precise handling on both dry and wet surfaces. Furthermore, they have special tread bars that prevent hydroplaning.

Tyres For Winter

The severe winter months bring with them dangerous traffic conditions. Winter tyres are necessary to address the issues that these circumstances provide. These varieties have a larger amount of natural rubber in their tread composition, which keeps them responsive even when the temperature drops below 7°C. They also have deeper tread blocks for maximum traction on ice and snow.

As a result, if you need new vehicle tyres before the winter, please visit us!

Seasonal Tyres

Are you seeking excellent driving performance all year without having to change your tyres every two years? Choose all-season tyres. These tyres combine the benefits of both winter and summer tyres

4×4 Tyres

4×4 tyres are necessary for individuals who drive SUVs. These tyre Mansfield feature a wider tread pattern and bigger tread blocks than regular automobile tyres. In difficult conditions such as grass, mud, and sand, the unique characteristics provide maximum traction and grip.

Tyres For Performance

These models have been specifically developed to deliver exciting vehicle performance in all sorts of road conditions. They have a special build that ensures responsiveness, accuracy, and traction. If you own a sports vehicle, they are a must-have.

Flat-Free Tyres

In the event of a puncture, run-flat tyres possess reinforced seams that bear the load of your vehicle. As a result, even after a puncture, an advantage with these units is safe to travel a specified distance at a limited speed.

You can make a purchase at our location during business hours. However, if you’re short on time, don’t worry! Our website allows you to book a new pair of tyres at our garage. You may access our large collection by entering the tyre measurement or car registration data into our car tyre Bury St Edmunds discovery tool.


Continental Tyres is a company that makes tyres.

It is a tyre behemoth hailing from Germany. Continental has always emphasised innovation and technological skills.

We sell the majority of Continental’s products at our garage and highly recommend them. View some of Continental Tyres Bury St Edmunds.

Premium Contact 6 Macroblock Technology aids in providing outstanding grip, resulting in improved control and handling. This option is superior in terms of stopping and delivers a pleasant ride.

6th Contact Sport

Micro block Technology was specifically developed for this tyre to improve interaction with the road surface. The Sport Contact 6 is a hot weather tyre that reduces braking distance on both dry and wet surfaces.

6th EcoContact

It produces less CO2 emissions and consumes significantly less gasoline. It also has excellent grip and handling.

Contact 5P ContiSport

In terms of cornering and braking stability, the ContiSportContact 5P remains unrivalled.

While you’re looking for Continental tyres, stop by our garage or check out our website to see what Continental has to offer.