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5 Terrifying Amateur Bloggers Mistakes You Should Avoid

amateur blogs

Are you planning to start your blog and need some pointers on being the best blogger? Read this post to learn more about amateur blogs.

One of the best ways to drive inbound traffic and convert readers into leads is through blogging. Blogging should be among the top priorities in any marketing strategy. Most marketers don’t know that blogging is a full-time job that should be taken very seriously. They start blogs without proper plans to grow them by creating quality content, and therefore, they fail to capture more leads. 

Millions of blog assignments are published every day, making it even harder to stand out and rank for targeted keywords. The hardship that bloggers go through to bring in new leads shows just how important great content is when it comes to inbound marketing. Having a solid content creation strategy is critical if you want to succeed in the online marketing industry. If you wish for your blogging career to scale to new heights, you need to avoid amateur blogs’ mistakes. 

Today, we are looking at some of these mistakes and showing you how to avoid them when running a blog. Continue reading to get more valuable insights about amateur blog’s mistakes. 

Failure to capture leads 

Among the gravest mistakes that amateur bloggers make is not using their posts to capture leads. They only write blogs and leave them out there in the ether, thinking that conversions and traffic will happen. However, this isn’t how blogs work. The topmost priority is collecting emails. This means that as a serious blogger, you need to stop being passive about it. Email content marketing is essential because, on average, it generates up to 38x ROI. Each dollar that you spend on email content marketing should bring you 38 dollars in profit. Most businesses invest heavily in the email content market because it is quite effective compared to other forms of marketing. Three-quarters of online marketers will tell you that email marketing plays a key role in their business strategy

Writing and publishing inconsistencies 

Another common mistake that amateur blogs make is not being consistent with their writing. Besides that, they also fail to keep a regular blogging schedule. Blogging is an essential aspect of content generation if you want to get more leads that will help you acquire more customers. To get more customers, you need more traffic which will only be achieved if you have more blog posts. It is pretty honest; all you need to do is generate content that will deliver more value. You will attract more leads and customers if you offer more value. Unlike us, you don’t need to learn these mistakes the hard way since we are sharing them with you right now.

Assuming that each post will go viral

Making assumptions is a blogger’s worst mistake. Never make assumptions that every blog you are publishing is bound to go viral. Whenever you publish an article, don’t forget to check the numbers to see how it is fairing. It is good to analyze every post to see how well it will perform. As much as you want all your blog posts to go viral, this is not usually the case. It is better to go with a realistic approach and check the numbers first before beating your chest. The fact is, only 1% of blog posts get over 1,000 shares online. Most posts only get 100 shares; therefore, don’t get discouraged if you don’t receive the attention you yearned for because you will only be wasting your time. An ideal thing to do is go through the post again to understand what you need to do differently in the next post to improve your next post. 

Not having a clear writing style

The majority of amateur blogs lack what we call authenticity. As a blogger, you need to discover your unique writing style and stick with it like glue. If your piece has no hook, then don’t expect it to go viral. If you want to capture the minds and hearts of your readers, then your hook and angle present issues or problems that the readers are facing. A good blog post should start by acknowledging and concurring with the views of the reader. After that, use a promise to set the proverbial hook. Enticing your visitors to offer solutions to their problems is one way to conquer their minds. 

Avoiding long-form content 

No matter how trenched for the time you are as a blogger, you should not think of taking the easy way out. The easy way out here means avoiding long-form content. Writing down a few thousand words worth of content is not an easy task, especially if you have a deadline to beat. You need to understand that readers are reading your blog purposely to acquire information. If they are not going to get sufficient information in most of your posts, the chances are that they are going to look for it somewhere else. This is not good for you. 


These are some of the mistakes that amateur blogs make that you need to avoid if you want to succeed in your blogging career. You need to have a passion for learning new writing angles and become innovative in your blogs too. Those who started blogs like us had to learn the hard way that you can learn the easy way. Therefore make good use of this post to succeed in your written career.