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Angelina Jolie remarks on Eternals film being prohibited in certain nations

Angelina Jolie remarks on Eternals film being prohibited in certain nations

Angelina Jolie commented. about the Eternals film which was banned in several countries in the Middle East. This is a disappointment for film fans there

The ban made some actresses couldn’t help but comment. including Angelina Jolie who appeared as Thena.

from the news circulating. these three countries do not want their people to see scenes with LGBTQ nuances.

Apart from expressing his sadness. she also said she was proud. because Marvel Studios objected to the censorship request.
of the three Middle Eastern countries.

“I’m sad for film fans in that country, for not being able to see the film Eternals. And I’m proud of Marvel for refusing to cut scenes,” Eternals Jolie told Australian media.

Furthermore, Angelina Jolie revealed that the deleted scene involved Phastos and his beautiful family relationship.

I do not understand. we live in the world.
There were still people who didn’t want to see the family that Phastos belonged to.

the beauty of love relationships How people get angry about it. Threatened by him. do not approve or appreciate.

only Angelina Jolie commented. ban Eternals in some countries.

Hollywood celebrity Lady Gaga is back in public attention.

Known as a professional singer and actress. he turned out to have a hidden dream.

It was admitted he recently. through an interview with British Vogue. Lady Gaga admits that she will work according to her dream profession.

Lady Gaga wants to be a journalist. because he wanted to uncover various crimes.”I was going to be a battle journalist. It was one of my dreams.