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The Top 10 Reasons People Choose Arleta Urgent Care

arleta urgent care

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Wondering why you should visit the Arleta urgent care clinic? Both acute care and the emergency room are severe. That is, you are not sure which you should go to. But you do not need to choose one for the wrong reason. Read this post to help to learn the conditions you need to opt for the urgent care clinic. 

The emergency room or emergency department typically deals with serious ailments that require immediate solutions. Some examples of conditions that need emergency attention include;
· Some chest pain or symptoms of a stroke
· Animal bites
· Severe bone breaks
· Severe burns or cuts
· Coughing or vomiting blood
· Severe injury to your head, neck, or back
· Uncontrolled bleeding
· High fever

When You Should Visit Arleta Urgent Care

If you require help within 24 hours but are not getting a medical emergency, you should opt for an urgent care clinic. Opting for an emergency room if you do not need it takes more time and resources. Note that none of the medical care is better compared to another. They are all made to serve different purposes.

The following are some of the top reasons you need to visit urgent care clinics.

1. Continuous Eye Discomfort

As you typically understand, the eye is a sensitive organ exposed to the environment directly. Therefore, if you suffer from blurred vision, discharge, itchiness, or redness, you should visit an urgent care clinic. This is because some infections like pink eye can be very contagious. Therefore, you must treat them early.

2. Flu, Cold, Sore Throat, Cough, and Fever

The doctor’s offices are typically busy during the cold and flu season. However, when you have these conditions, you will need to treat them immediately. The Arleta urgent care office, is the best place to get these treatments. The doctor will conduct the tests, determine what causes your condition, and offer the proper treatment. Suppose you are still debating if you can treat your situation. You will need to consider how high or low your temperatures are, how long the fever has lasted, and your other signs.

3. Sprains and Strains

At Arleta urgent care, we help determine how severe your ailment is, and we will prescribe any needed anti-inflammatory or joint support for your strains and sprains.

4. Moderate Breathing Issues

If you cannot breathe, go to the emergency room; however, if you have moderate breathing issues. These come from respiratory infections and allergies.

5. Cuts That Do Not Involve Moderate Bleeding That Might Require Stitches

We can clean, bandage, and stitch your injury if your bleeding is contained at urgent care. This will help in reducing the risk of infection and eliminate scarring.

6. Nausea, Digestive Issues

Several ailments can result in nausea, bloating, vomiting and diarrhea. Our urgent care clinic will order diagnostic and lab tests to tell what causes your symptoms and tell the proper medications.

7. Rashes or Itchiness

Urgent care clinics have stronger medications to help eliminate or relieve severe allergic reactions to pollutants. They also help to eliminate bug bites or allergies to particular foods. Therefore, if you are suffering from rashes or itchiness, visit Arleta Urgent care clinic for effective treatment.

8. Some Ear Pain and Discomforts

Usually, ear pain or discomfort can ruin your day, night, and week. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit an urgent care clinic if you suffer from this condition. Here we will prescribe an antibiotic ear drop if you have an ear infection.

9. Serious Muscle or Joint Aches

Urgent care can help if you are suffering from aches or pains that keep you down. It is therefore critical to get help for these injuries earlier to help prevent lasting damage or over-compensation in other sites of your body.

10. You Do Not Have Insurance, or You are Underinsured

Suppose you have a life-threatening help issue. The best place would be an emergency room. However, when it comes to all other scenarios, you will need to visit urgent care clinic. Here you will pay a half a fraction of what is delivered in the emergency room.

Final Thought

Are you looking for an urgent care clinic? Well, you are at the right place. Arleta urgent care clinic offers a wide variety of medical issues. Call us or walk in and get treated the same day of your appointment. If your condition is not urgent, you can book the position the same day through our online website. The clinic will do it all. The costs are also lowered since they are only a fraction of what you can pay at an emergency room.