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Carpet cleaning machines – are they suitable for your needs?

Carpet cleaning machines

Regardless of the products you use to clean your carpets, you cannot rule out the possibility of dirt and dust getting into your home. This is especially true if you have pets or children in your home. Even the best-kept homes leave behind deposits of dirt and food debris that can dull the colors of your carpets. Using your own or hiring a carpet cleaner can be a substitute for professional carpet cleaning. Vacuuming alone is not enough, even if you don’t have children or pets in the house and take good care of your carpets. Carpet tends to attract invisible dust particles that get trapped under the fibers and slowly break down the carpet, shortening its life.

The types of machines available for carpet cleaning.

Common carpet cleaning methods do not guarantee a healthy, dust-free carpet. Using the wrong cleaning equipment can actually worsen the condition of your carpets. Even dry cleaning cannot effectively clean heavily soiled carpets. Steam cleaning requires high-pressure equipment and expert handling to remove odors and prevent damage to the carpet from prolonged exposure to moisture. Below is a brief description of some of the most advanced carpet cleaning machines on the market today and their cleaning methods:

Carpet extractor

Also known as a “steam cleaner,” the extractor applies a cleaning solution to the carpet and vacuums it with a powerful vacuum cleaner. Some models are equipped with a heater, as hot water removes greasy stains and dirt more effectively. This device cleans most thoroughly, but the carpet remains damp.

Self-cleaning carpet vacuums

Often recommended for larger industrial spaces, it works similarly to a carpet vacuum except that it has a built-in brush to clean the carpet while the cleaning agent is pumped into and pulled out of the carpet.

Cleaning the hood

This technique dry cleans the carpet without cleaning it thoroughly. It uses a hood or around pad that is placed on a normal floor buffer. In this case, the dirt is pulled up by friction. The carpet will dry quickly.

You will find that most cleaners fall into the first two categories of machines. The most important point is power consumption. Professional carpet cleaning companies use truck-mounted systems. A truck-mounted generator supplies the machine with the necessary power and provides very powerful suction that dries the carpet quickly. The energy from the same generator is also used to heat water that thoroughly cleans the carpet. Visit also: Carpet cleaning in North Sydney

Carpet cleaners for home use that work on this principle are portable and can be connected to a power source at home. Since the power available in homes is very low compared to that of a truck-mounted generator, the cleaning is not as effective, which is why many homeowners leave this task to professional cleaners.

When buying or hiring a carpet cleaner, keep the following in mind:

– Don’t get the carpet too wet. Most machines available for rent do not have enough power to extract cleaning solutions effectively. Know that a wet carpet left for more than 24 hours will encourage the growth of bacteria and mold.

– The pH of the cleaning solution should be less than ten. The recommended value for carpets with natural or wool fibers is 5-8.

– If the carpet has already been treated with a stain protector, use the recommended solution to avoid damaging the covering.

– The use of fans and dehumidifiers is recommended for quick drying.

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