Checklist of 7 Things You Must Consider Before Hiring Moving Experts!

If an upcoming move is on your mind and you have thought to shift your base from your current city Ahmedabad to Aurangabad for an awaited business deal, and so, are looking out for some ways to prepare for the same, then you have landed up at the right place. For conducting a memorable move, without any hurdles and hassle, all you need to do is book the packers and movers in Ahmedabad on time, and consider the hacks mentioned below in this detailed relocation checklist.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at the top 7 things that you must do, before your team of professional movers knock on the doors and take over the packing job!

• Organize your possessions

Like any other household, your space would also have a good number of precious articles – possessions and collectibles that are not just dear to you for their monetary value but the sentimental worth. So, we advise you to prepare and pack these valuable articles on your own, before the experts arrive at your place.

• Prepare a moving planner

If you have not yet thought of a plan, nor do you have any idea of how things lying ahead are going to take shape as the moving day comes close, you are missing out on something very important. This moving day plan is what you usually design alongside your moving budget, but since you have not yet done that, we advise you to first, find out some time and sit with your family to decide how you wish your move to happen. From deciding a desirable date for your move to the number of items that would be moved, to the initial sorting and packing that you would do to come up with the list of items that would be transported to finally purchasing the required packing materials so that you can wrap up some part of the packing job before the professionals arrive!

• Discuss with the young ones

The reason why we included this point in the initial part of our checklist is because of its essence. Often in the packing and moving hassle, children feel the most vulnerable and left out. They fail to figure out the reason behind this major life-altering decision and so, deal with it silently. If you are a guardian, you must make the relocation chapter a positive and happy prospect for them. Tell them why they are shifting and what interesting things are awaiting them in the new land. Narrate them stories of the new city, new things, and the new bunch of friends they would make in the school they would be enrolled in now. If they are little bit grown-ups, you can ask them to help you in the pre-move packing tasks so they do not feel burdened and lonesome at any point.

• Reshuffle household articles

The primary aspect that decides how cost–effective and well-organized your move turns out to be is how well the sorting and de-cluttering task has been conducted ahead of the move. So, devote time to segregate your articles carefully so you can move with a relatively lesser amount of stuff and therefore, unnecessary chaos. Make sure you do this at least a month or a couple of months before the final moving day. Discard anything and everything that you won’t need in the future, all the things that have simply been bought but never used must be donated or sold out.

• Curate a detailed inventory

You need to have an inventory – a detailed one for sure that incorporates everything in it together. There are certain things that you need to mention in your catalogue, for instance – the number of items you are moving, the estimated worth of the articles (especially the expensive ones), the prominent features and other details of the items like features and condition should be mentioned in this document. Inventorying items ahead of the move gives you a glimpse of things you are planning to move and helps you to track if something goes missing in the course.

• Take pictures of everything

People do not usually pay attention to this step but it is indeed an important aspect and rather helpful in the final moments when you have already fulfilled your relocation. So, make sure you click pictures of your household belongings, especially the precious, high-value items from different angles so you can get back to them, to look for damages, caused to them during the moving journey, if any. This works as solid evidence when you are applying for a damage claim to the insurance company or with your team of movers because you will have proofs to show them the loss and damages caused to your valuables. On the other hand, clicking pictures of the back panel of the electronics that comprise of multiple cables and cords and several different ports remains a great way to set up the appliance of the item, back in its original form.

• Appoint the moving experts

Well, now when almost everything is done and you are not left with anything big of a deal, make sure you get into finding the professional movers for your house shifting project. This is also a time-consuming project and you need to keep your presence of mind and careful enough while you are making a choice. So, browse as many moving options as possible to review their service range and prospective rates. Check out the reviews and seek referrals if possible. Once you come across a relevant deal that suits your budget, do look for their authenticity by scrutinizing their registration and licensing certificates and their expertise in the domain and only then book.


Starting from budget planning to de-cluttering your home, preparing your household items, to notifying the landlord and people in your circle, from appointing the moving professionals – the movers and packers in Ahmedabad to finally handing over your old home to the landlord – there seems to be no end of tasks when you are planning for a move. But things could fairly be managed if you do check out the above-mentioned steps and move ahead with your moving plan.

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