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Combined ball bearings and angle profiles.

Angular contact ball bearings

The technology of handling and design of linear components is essential in most industries. Working with heavy loads or using machines that require modular systems that adapt to different movements are just some of the specialties of Abdul Traders, a trader with more than 41 years of experience.

Angular contact ball bearings

Angular contact ball bearings are characterized by high precision and excellent high-speed performance. They are design to withstand combined loads in both axial and radial directions. During operation, a contact angle is formed between the raceways and the balls.

For these bearings to function properly, they must be mount with a specific axial load. This load creates a line of contact between the inner race, the ball, and the outer race.

Important specifications are the rated speed, the static radial load, and the dynamic radial load.

– The rated speed of a grease-lubricated bearing is lower than that of an oil-lubricated bearing.

– Static radial load is the maximum radial load that a bearing can withstand without excessive permanent deformation.

– The dynamic radial load is the calculated constant radial load that a group of identical bearings with solid outer rings can theoretically withstand for an inner ring life of 1 million revolutions.

Advantages of angular contact ball bearings

Angular contact bearings are design as a solution for vertical and horizontal movements in lifting machines and equipment. These are some of their advantages:

– They reduce design and production costs.

– And they can support large radial and axial loads.

– Also they have thick-walled guide profiles for high static and dynamic loads.

– Optimization of the forces applied to the guide profiles.

– Long service life.

– Time-saving during assembly due to grub screws.

– Bearing components are easy to replace.

Application examples for angle ball bearings profiles

Angle profiles can be cut, ground, machined, drilled, and painted in various ways. These are some of their applications:

Lifting devices

– Electromechanical cylinder actuation.

– Raised trolley depending on the application.

– For static purposes.

Horizontal telescopic guide systems

– With manual or electromechanical actuation.

– With end stop.

Lifting devices

– For loads up to 10 tons.

Multi-axis manipulators

– Vertical and rotary movement or with collet.

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