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Convert QFX File to QuickBooks File

What is this?

This is a web application that converts QFX (not OFX) records to Convert QFX File for use in Quickbooks.

Use QBO2QFX Convert when you need to bring exchange information into QuickBooks and are simply ready to download QFX design from your bank. QFX2QBO Convert can likewise utilize to bring security-free financier exchanges into QuickBooks, which doesn’t ordinarily peruse speculation accounts.

To get everything rolling previously set your QuickBooks account data and date designs with the Settings button. Select an FID. On the off chance that your bank isn’t recorded, it isn’t upheld by QuickBooks, and you need to choose the FID of another bank as a workaround. See more with regards to FID’s underneath.

Then, at that point, either simplified your QFX record into the converter drop zone or select the Convert button to pick a document to change over. This will raise a standard record chooser. Explore to the folder containing your .qfx record, select the document, and afterward select the Convert to qbo button at the lower part of the document chooser. This will run the converter and make your .qbo document in a solitary advance. The .qbo document makes in a similar folder as the .qfx record, and utilizing a similar record name yet with a .qbo extension.

Installation Convert QFX File to QuickBooks File

Microsoft Windows® full introduce

Download QFX2QBO.exe for Windows, save the document to your PC and run the establishment program by double-tapping the record.

In the event that you don’t have Java introduced it will be consequently downloaded during the establishment.

Mac OS X® full install

Download QFX2QBO.dmg for Mac OS X, save the document to your PC. Find the document in the download region, open it by double-tapping, then, at that point, and run the installer. app by double-tapping it.

In the event that you don’t have Java introduced it will consequently download during the establishment.

Entering License Information

Enter the permit by duplicating the permit string (CTRL-C) from the affirmation email and gluing it (CTRL-V) into the converter permit exchange. To enter the permit string physically from inside the program select the License button, and glue (or type) the full permit code into the exchange.

On Microsoft Windows, you can duplicate the permit document qfx2qbo.lic from the item affirmation email to a similar organizer where you introduced QFX2QBO Convert – for example, C:\Program Files (x86)\MoneyThumb\qfx2qbo Convert.

After you enter your permit, your permit email will be displayed in the program title bar, and in Help, About.


There are two activities prior to running QFX2QBO Convert:

  • Make a QFX record. More often than not this will be downloaded from a bank or business site, or maybe made by another product application.
  • Get the record number of the QuickBooks account into which you need to import exchanges. On the off chance that you are making another record, any number will do the trick. On the off chance that you wish to bring exchanges into a current record, QuickBooks will coordinate the record numbers, and you will need to bring them into the right record.

Running QFX2QBO Convert

On Windows or Mac OS X, double-tap the QFX2QBO Convert symbol on your work area.

You may likewise run QFX2QBO Convert from the Windows Start Menu, or run QFX2QBO.exe on Windows or QFX2QBO Convert.app on Mac OS X.

Settings Dialog

Utilize the Settings button to raise the Settings Wizard or the full Settings exchange. The Wizard will pose inquiries that cover by far most of the transformations. The Settings Dialog likewise contains a couple of extra choices. You can switch to and fro between the Wizard and the full discourse.

First, utilize the Account Type pull-down menu to choose the right sort for the .qfx document – Bank or Credit Card in the drop-down list. Regularly this will be equivalent to the information .qfx record, however, it can change.

The just one of these that is basic is the QuickBooks FID. This is a four or five-digit number that QuickBooks uses to recognize the monetary foundation. QuickBooks will approve the FID over the Internet when perusing in the .qbo record, and it should be right and legitimate, or QuickBooks will cut short the document import.

Select “Lookup…” in the exchange and it will raise a window with every one of the QuickBooks Financial Institutions that are recorded for that sort of record. Type a few or all of the name of your monetary establishment into the inquiry box at the top to look inside the rundown. Look down the rundown to discover your bank and select it. The bank URL is likewise included to assist with settling vagueness if your bank has a name that is like different banks.

The just workaround is to utilize a FID from another bank. You can in any case name the record to incorporate the name of your monetary foundation. Insofar as you as not additionally doing QuickBooks Direct Connect downloads into a similar record, it will turn out great. There are some Financial Institutions that give Direct Connect, however don’t uphold Web Connect, and on the off chance that you utilize one of these, you should make two records and move exchanges from one to the next.

Simply recollect that the FID is basic, and despite the fact that QFX2QBO Convert will run without one, it will give an admonition, and QuickBooks will give a blunder when perusing the QBO record.

All records require a record number and ledgers additionally require a bank steering number. Both of these ought to be available in your QFX record, and accepting that they are, you don’t have to enter them. Nonetheless, assuming you need to supersede that data, you can do as such in this discourse.

Changing over the QFX File

There are two different ways to recognize the QFX document to change over:

Select the document in your working framework record program (Windows Explorer, Mac Finder), and afterward drag it into the converter “Drop Zone”

or on the other hand

Select the Convert button in QFX2QBO Convert to raise the document chooser and select the record to change over.

A large portion of the information in a QFX record will be changed over straightforwardly into the QBO document. Nonetheless, QuickBooks doesn’t uphold speculation accounts. If your QFX record contains a venture account it may be to some extent changed over.

Importing QBO files into QuickBooks

The most effortless way of bringing in the QBO record is basically to double tap it from Windows Explorer or Max OS X Finder. You can likewise peruse the QBO record while running QuickBooks. Just select File, then, at that point, starting from the pull menu select Utilities. Then at that point, Import, and afterward Web Connect File. This will raise the standard File Open discourse, select the record, and afterward select Open.


Your bank is absent in the rundown of Fid’s.

The rundown of FID’s (Financial Institution Ids) really comes from your QuickBooks introduction. It is the rundown of banks that have pay to incorporate as a QuickBooks uphold bank. A bank may uphold for financial records or Visas, or both. What’s more, the rundown is nation explicit.

Assuming your bank decides not to incorporate. It won’t be in the FID rundown and QuickBooks won’t import exchanges utilizing that bank name. It steers clear of QFX2QBO Convert. In any case, there is an exceptionally basic workaround which is to utilize the FID of another Financial Institution. You can utilize basically some other FID you need. You ought to most likely pick one that isn’t a bank you have different records at. It is a huge bank that is probably not going to drop QuickBooks support.

Saving the QFX2QBO Convert Log

After QFX2QBO Convert has run, you might wish to save the log data to a document. Select the Save Log button. This will raise a File Save discourse. Essentially determine a record name and select Save.

To clear the log data select the Clear Log button. QFX file use to import transactions from bank accounts into Quicken. Transactions can be download in the QFX format and import in Quicken. However, Converting QFX file to QuickBooks file No index entries were found. isn’t a very good idea. Users should instead download the transactions in formats supported by QuickBooks