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A panoramic sofa will provide greater comfort. A corner sofa will adapt more easily to the room. Both have advantages that will appeal to you differently depending on your living room.

What is the difference?

What most distinguishes a corner sofa from a panoramic sofa is the number of angles formed. Indeed, the first has only one: on the right or on the left. The second has both at the same time and is therefore often much larger. It is sometimes possible to separate each part of the sofa to create different arrangements depending on the living room. However, the different components of these sofas are, most of the time, designed to fit together and form a harmonious block.

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Occupation of space

For corner sofas, you just have to determine on which side, right or left, you want the corner to be placed. This choice is influenced by the configuration of the room and it is often not possible to change your mind afterward. This is also the case of the panoramic sofa: its shape will often not be very flexible. However, the latter offers the possibility of playing more with the volumes, since there are very original shapes, for example in an arc or in a wave. The decision is also made according to the desired decoration and the furniture placed around it, such as a coffee table or a TV cabinet.

Adapted to the size of the room

Nowadays, the couch has really become the centerpiece of many living rooms. This is often what you see first when you walk into the room. Its size is therefore very important because it will play on the feeling of space felt. Too large a model will give the impression that there is little room, although it actually is not. A panoramic version can make your dream, but it is obviously reserved for large rooms which will know how to highlight it perfectly. On the contrary, the classic corner sofa can dress with smaller surfaces and give them a cozy atmosphere. You will thus have furniture that will harmonize ideally with the size of your home.

Large family or large number of guests?

This criterion is quite obvious, but the panoramic sofa offers more seating than the corner sofa. For the latter, it will undoubtedly be necessary to add other armchairs or chairs to complete the living room and offer each of your potential guests the possibility of being comfortably seated. Thus, the panoramic sofa will naturally find its place in large families. In addition, if you are used to having a lot of people in your home, it will be perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

And the convertible?

We do not always have an extra room to accommodate a relative or a friend, for one night or more. So owning a convertible sofa can be the perfect solution. This option is often present in most corner sofas and therefore you have a wide range of choices at your disposal. However, with regard to panoramic sofas, depending on their shape (classic, wave, or other), it will sometimes not be possible to transform them into an extra bed. This can therefore turn out to be an important parameter to take into account.

How to choose a sofa?

To choose your couch well, it is essential to take into account the space available in your room. Sometimes, this simple criterion makes it possible to decide between a large panoramic sofa or a corner model, less bulky. There are modular sofas, made up of several parts to be arranged as you wish. Depending on your needs, you can also turn to a convertible sofa to obtain an additional bed. Bet on drawer beds, easy to install and store. The color of the couch is also very important when it comes to choosing a model. You can opt for a timeless color, like gray, black, or white, or choose a more original shade. To help you in your choice, discover our 15 inspiring ideas of contemporary furniture for the living room, to marry with your new corner or panoramic sofa.

Which sofas are the most comfortable?

A comfortable couch depends on several elements. The foam sofa plays a major role in the comforts furniture you will use every day. When purchasing, make sure that the seat is filled with a good density sofa foam, around 35 kg / m3 minimum. If you prefer a deep sofa, you can choose it with a seat composed of removable cushions. The cushions can be filled with foam or feathers. This last solution guarantees you a soft sofa to rest on. For maximum comfort, treat yourself to a relaxed sofa available in a corner or panoramic version. This cocooning sofa is ideal for lengthening back and legs in an instant. In addition, you can also opt for a convertible relax sofa that is the king of the living room. It is the cozy sofa par excellence!

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