Discover the Best Cardio Routine That Drops Off the Body Fat

There is Cardio and there is Cardio!

So what does that mean? We all want to know the best way to get in shape. It has taken a while to learn which cardio works best for burning fat. I have been experimenting with different styles in the gym. I have done cardio classes such as boxercise, body pump, step and attack. I have run a million miles on the treadmill at different speeds, pedaled and paddled. But keep in mind before proceeding:

YOUR DIET plays the most important role in weight loss.

So the next best option for losing weight is this:

The different types of cardio you can do are keeping your heart rate low, moderate steady-state speed, and high intensity, such as interval training.

Which is the best? Sorry, but not all of them are bad and you will lose weight, but you will really achieve results with cardio metabolic resistance exercises fitness cardio classes.

No, it is not an excuse, but that is what will be most effective.

Two ways to approach cardio is the traditional method described above or try the following:

I like to call it bodyweight cardio or weighted cardio, moving with hand weights combines cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength in one circuit.

It will give you a lean and toned body like a Hollywood model, if you are a big bulky bodybuilder you have to eat heaps and train exceptionally heavy, but that’s for another post.


It is a very time saving method, you can do this and get a great result in less than 30 minutes instead of running on a treadmill for more than an hour.

You can choose to start with just your body weight and work your way up to holding weights, but don’t worry, your body weight is challenging enough most of the time.

Here’s an example of just the circuit bodyweight … give it a try and see what you think:


Exercise for 15 seconds continuously and then rest for 15 seconds
Complete the following exercise for 15 seconds, then rest 15 seconds and so on
Complete the 6 exercises as 1 circuit
Do the circuit 5 times
Circuit 1

Horizontal leg swings (move one leg to chest alternately)
Half burpees
Running on the spot (knees high)
Body Squats
Jump in the air (knees to chest)
You have the advantage of working out in the gym or anywhere outdoors.

I live near the beach and there is nothing better than exercising on the beach and ending with a dip. Start the day wonderfully.

I’ll guarantee you that it will burn a ton of calories more than running on a treadmill or any other type of cardio.

You will also continue to burn fat long after training.

How can I know? You may feel during the day that your exhausted body is chewing on fat.

Do you want to go to the next level? Try it out with weights using Tabata interval training.

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