Easy Guide for Your Upcoming House Move

Moving is considered as one of the most challenging things in the world and that is the reason Agarwal packers comes up with the most efficient and cost effective ways to overcome your difficulties related to the move.

There are a lot of things for which you need to be careful while moving but as you have a lot of things to do so it is quiet natural for not being able to do all of them appropriately. That is the reason it is always recommended to hire moving companies for better assistance and guidance. But still if you want to execute it on your own then here are some of the tips that you should follow:

  1. Make and inventory of your belongings

Making an inventory of everything you have in your house is something very important. We know that it is a time taking process but at the end it is going to help you only.

Go room by room, take a pen and a notepad in your hand and start with the room that has maximum of the items. For instance, garage, store room, basement, out house area, or any room where you stuff things that you don’t need on a daily basis. Then you can move to the rooms like living room, bedroom, kitchen, children’s room and puja room. This is a simple way to inventory your belongings for the purpose of relocating.

  1. Get rid of unnecessary items – Declutter

Decluttering plays a paramount role here. If you have been living in a house for more than 5 years then it is natural that you must have purchased a lot of things to bring some joy to your life or to make your life a bit easier. There might also be a lot of items that you must have kept with you even if you are not using it or if it has been fully depreciated. Just go through the items and decide if it is worth to move these items.

There might be items that you don’t use but you have kept with you, there might be items that have gone out of trend and are not in a position to be used, there might also be some of the items that are in a good condition but you no longer like to use them.

  1. Categorize all these items

Once you have decluttered your items then it’s the right time to categorize them as per their condition:

• Donate – these are the items that are in good condition but you don’t want to use them anymore. Such items can be donated to ones who are in need and are less fortunate than you. These can be toys – which your children don’t like to play with, clothes – that you don’t wear anymore and the like.

• Recycle – these items can be the ones that cannot be used by anybody because of their condition but can definitely be recycled. This way you will be able to contribute your bit to the environment and utilize the resources.

• Sell – these are the items that are in good condition – as good as new – but you don’t want to use them. Such items can be sold. This way you will be able to earn some bucks amidst of the period when you have to incur a lot of expenses.

  1. Gather your packing material

When you have finally left with the items that you are going to take along with you then you are all set to gather the necessary packing supplies to pack your items for the move. But if you are hiring moving professionals then you are there is no need to do that because they will bring all the necessary packing material with them.

Here is the list of supplies you need to arrange:

• Packing paper – make sure you bring enough packing paper because it is used for packing each and every item.

• Bubble wrap – these is a plastic sheet filled with air bubbles that protects your items against hits and bumps during the transit.

• Furniture blanket – furniture blankets are used to cover the furniture pieces after all the layers of packing. These are the thick fabric sheets that provide added protection.

• Cardboard boxes – to keep your items in it after packing them with packing paper and bubble wrap.

• Packing tape – to secure your belongings with the packing material

• Markers – to label your boxes so that you don’t face any problem while unloading and unpacking.

  1. Start with the work of packing

When you have gathered all your packing supplies then you can start with packing your belonging.

• First, go to your store room or garage and set a packing station over there. Take a table that has a flat surface and keep all the packing supplies with you so that you don’t have to move here and there in search of material after starting with the work of packing

• When you complete packing your belonging in the store room, then you can move to the center of your house to pack the rest of the rooms of your house.

• This way you can move room by room to pack your belongings.

• When you move to the kitchen then make sure you pack every kitchen item first with the packing paper separately then with bubble wrap. Then secure the cardboard boxes by insulating some packing material in it so the fragile items of kitchen get a base when they are place in a cardboard box.

• You can also make use of plastic containers for better protection.

  1. Label each and every box after packing them

All the moving boxes look identical after packing so that is the reason you need to label them according to the contents you have packed in that box. For example, if you have packed a box that contains all the items from your children’s room then you should label it at children’s toys, children’s clothes or children’s books and similarly you can do this for other rooms as well.

These are the ways which will help you in organizing your move. If you think that it would not be possible for you to execute everything on your own then it is advisable to hire Agarwal packers and movers for better assistance and safety.

Have a happy and safe move!

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