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Is It Possible To Install An EV Charging Station At Home?

EV Charging

If you are a proud owner of an EV vehicle. You are playing an important role in keeping Mother Earth free from air pollution. You do not need traditional fuels in your vehicle and also. You have no requirement to make long queues in front of petrol pumps. However, the story will be the same if you have to visit a public EV charging station many times. Things will be easier for you if you can charge your EC at the comfort of your home. Surely, it is possible with the help of home EV chargers that are quite popular nowadays.

If you have a home EC charging station at home, you will be able to charge your vehicle at night and when you wake up, your vehicle will be ready for a long drive. Most EV owners like Home EV chargers installed in their garages since it is the safest way to charge an Electric Vehicle. If you have not installed an EV charging point in your home, you can enhance your knowledge about EV chargers at home by reading this blog.

Lets us peep into the topic!

How Do People Charge Their EVs At Home?

Mainly there are two options while you think about charging your EV at home. You can use a traditional three-pin electric socket for this aim or you have to install an exclusive EV charging point. Charging with a normal socket is a valid way but experts recommend installing a dedicated home EV charging point. You can keep the traditional charging idea for occasional use.

As specialized home charging points are made exclusively for charging a car. We would call it the safest and most efficient way of home EV charging. An efficient home EV charger is going to reduce your electricity bill since they are designed to consume less power while charging your Electric Car.

With a domestic 3-pin socket, it will take almost 10 to 15 hours with a vehicle that has a 40kwh battery. But your home charging point will charge your car at a faster rate. Never forget that it is a safe way as well.

You Can Choose One From Tethered Or Untethered Charge Point For Home

A tethered home EV charger comes with a cable attached and an untethered home EV charge does not have it. With a tethered charger, you do not need to keep a separate cable.

Can You Install Your EV Charging Point Yourself?

You can do that only if you are a trained electrician or you have proper training in installing home EV chargers. If installing home EV charges is not your cup of tea, leave it to the professional.

Professionals are trained and they have proper certificates to install EV chargers for homes. They will install a home EV charger in your home according to your preferences and they will do it safely.

How To Look For A Professional EV Charger Installer?

Try to find out if your EV charging brand has some suggestions about looking for an EV charging station installer. Some brands will arrange an installer as a part of their service. You can also ask your friends or relatives who have EVs and home chargers. Moreover, it is possible to consult your local car dealer for proper help.

What To Consider While Installing A Home EV Charger?

First of all, you should buy a reliable home charger and it is the best approach if they send an installer as well to install the charger at your home.

Safety is another concern you have to keep in your mind. A trained and experienced installer will perform every step safely while installing a home EV charger.

You can choose your preferred place like your home garage to charge your EV easily, your installer will follow your instructions.

There are a lot of EV charging solutions that are available to help you install your charger for EV at home. Thus, you do not need to visit a public charging station to charge your vehicle. However, nothing is bad in doing so occasionally.