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Five ways to improve the organization to provide value to the client

Five ways to improve the organization to provide value to the client

During the pandemic, 75% of American shoppers changed consumer behavior, according to a study by consultancy McKinsey & Company. As a result, not only in the US but worldwide, users are actively exploring new brands – and this is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Providing value to clients and customers is not the most pleasant and accessible aspect of the business. There will always be buyers who will be dissatisfied with the quality, service, or price. But in reality, the company will not be able to develop effectively without them. This is why you need to improve your organization’s strategy continually. This article provides five ways to do it.

Minimize customer efforts:

Your customers must make as little effort as possible when they need to get an answer to their question, solve the problem that arose during the ordering process and pay for your product or service. That is why it is essential to provide as many channels as possible to contact your company and provide a high level of service for each of them. Don’t neglect popular messengers. By connecting WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, you will make it easier for many clients to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Encourage Feedback:

Remember, there is no perfect customer experience. Sooner or later, any client may have a problem, information about which he considers it necessary to convey to you. By pointing out bottlenecks, customers are making an invaluable contribution to your business. Bloombergsen is a Canada-based firm that should be on your list if you seek professional guidance. Bloombergsen is all about feedback and they encourage more and more of it.

Protect your customers:

Customers don’t like to feel like a soulless wallet with money. They want to be understood and feel like you are on their side. Therefore, it is essential to demonstrate genuine understanding, participation, and concern, including customer service. Remember that there are always ways to help clients with helpful information and provide them with unique resources.

Invest in a support team:

When customers contact you, they expect to contact welcoming and friendly employees who are competent in solving their problems. In many ways, the support team influences whether your relationship with potential or existing customers continues and how long it will last. Therefore, do not spare funds to create a full-fledged team, develop employees, and motivate them. Instead, please provide them with all the necessary tools, set clear KPIs and a bonus system, train, and give them the opportunity for professional growth. If you are starting to build a support team, be sure to talk with your employees about the basic rules of customer service. Try to make these people as directly interested in the success of the product as you are. If they care, they are more likely to understand, hear, and find a solution to their problem.

Be honest and open:

Shoppers today want to know as much information as possible about the products or services they are purchasing. The more information about the company and its products is available to them, the better for you. A study at Label Insight found that 94% of customers are most likely to be loyal to a brand that provides complete transparency. If the customer’s problem is your fault, honestly admit it. It would help if you did not burden the client with unnecessary technical details that are unclear to him. Still, it is worth keeping abreast of the progress and expected timing of solving the problem, possible compensation for damage, and providing additional information to help him. If you want to have long-term and loyal customers, make sure that all your company’s communications, be it support or marketing, are honest and open.