Getting a Business Degree Online

Careers in business are as varied as the options available for online business degrees. Several accredited universities now offer business degrees through online classes rather than traditional in-person learning.

As with on-campus courses, online business degrees can provide students with analytical and critical thinking skills, communication techniques, the ability to solve problems, and make thoughtful decisions. All of these skills are desired by employers and will give students the ability to compete in the business or business world.

A Master of Business Administration (also called an MBA) is the most common certification students seek. But there are other options, like an associate’s degree in business administration or even a bachelor’s degree from Top Online Universities Canada.

You can start a career in business administration with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, as either one will make a big difference when trying to land that first entry-level job. From there, you can work toward more advancement opportunities within the company. A Master’s will help make this process faster and will likely give you more options in the business world.

The number of possible careers available to someone with a business degree is long and varied:

  • Insurance underwriter
  • Investment banker
  • Marketing Executive
  • Human resources officer
  • Auditor
  • Banker
  • COO
  • and many more

You’ll gain flexibility, convenience, and new options if you choose to pursue a business degree online, which you can even do while you’re still working another job. It will open up many opportunities for your future.

Depending on the degree level you are looking for, you may find some of the following areas that you can specialize in (depending on the school):

  • Accounting
  • International Business
  • Labor Relations
  • management
  • Advertising
  • Operations
  • Public relations
  • Real estate
  • Customer service
  • Finance

Why should you choose this University? Many people around the world need education, but they can’t afford it. While some of us got the chance to finish school, others don’t! It’s time to give back. At The Continents States University, all volunteers commit their time, efforts, services, knowledge, and educational materials to build a better-educated universe.

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Today, 3.010 billion internet users globally, and the estimated global internet penetration is 42% compared to 84.2% in the US. Around 52.4% of the global online population access internet from their mobile devices and more than half of the worldwide population is estimated to go online using mobile devices by 2020.

By the end of 2020, education remains a far-right for 759 million illiterate adults and does not have the awareness necessary to improve their living conditions and children.

The Continents States University designed its mission, vision, and values very carefully to serve all students’ future needs across the globe.  

  • Mission: The Continents States University works to equip future professionals with the skills, tools, and opportunities that enable faster integration into the workforce industry around the globe by delivering tuition-free, quality, and competency-based education to everyone across the continents.
  • Vision: The Continents States University aspires to be internationally recognized, an accredited private institution, where free education is embraced, and students grasp their new life, grow, and thrive.
  • Values: The Continents States University is committed to being a diverse leader with an audience, staff, volunteers, program delivery instruction, community participation, and decision making.

Goals: At The Continents States University, we are committed to helping a diverse group of people in the United States and across the globe achieve access to free educational opportunities. We are dedicated to helping those in the United States and Russia, South Africa, Japan, and worldwide. The University aspires to national and global recognition for private online instruction, facilitating student learning and growth. The University offers a myriad of services, including degree programs and foreign education degree evaluation.

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