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Guidelines to Move a Dresser

Move a Dresser

Move a dresser securely while moving

Since dressers are unwieldy and have drawers to battle with, they require some extra thought during squeezing and stacking. Perhaps the best concern is to move a dresser securely so they don’t quitter and impact hurt (to themselves or something other than what’s expected). Additionally, that prompts typical requests like, “would it be a smart thought for me to take the substance out or is okay to leave them prepared” and “would it be prudent for me to stack it with the drawers in or out?”

We’ve tended to all of the requests in regards to drawers and gave all of the resources to move a dresser underneath — it’s actually excellent clear once you understand how to do it.

White dresser sitting in a house before a move

Steps to move a dresser

It’s ideal to move a dresser with the drawers inside so you can wrap and guarantee it preceding bringing it through doorways. However, in the event that it’s solid wood and too significant to even consider evening ponder moving, you can take the drawers out to facilitate the weight. (If you do this, stack them to the side and wrap the dresser at whatever point it’s stacked into the trailer).

1. Amass supplies

To plan and stack your closet, you’ll need:

Assessing tape

Little device compartment

Zip-top sacks


Paper padding


Plastic stretch wrap

Moving truck, Forearm Forklifts or a sidekick

2. Ensure that walkways are adequately enormous

Measure your entrances to guarantee the dresser will fit. You might need to dispose of doorways for greater parts like armoires or storage rooms.

3. Guarantee you have help

Since dressers are monstrous and gigantic, it’s ideal to have no ifs, ands or buts another individual available to help (whether or not you expect using a moving truck to help).

4. Wipe out extra parts

Diminishing the risk of damage by taking out extra parts like mirrors or racking. As you wipe out hardware, place it in a zip-top pack, name it and tape it inside the dresser for the wellbeing of security. If your dresser has a mirror or glass racking, kill it, place a tape X over it to hold shock, then, encompass it by paper padding and spot it in a mirror box named “Sensitive.” Any wooden racks can be wrapped with paper padding, basically make sure to do whatever it takes not to put tape on the movers and packers bangalore.

Move a Dresser

5. Research what’s inside the drawers

It’s fine to keep fragile things, like socks and clothing, in drawers to help space. However, anything that could move around, break or cause hurt, like pens, scissors, etc, should be wiped out and stuffed in an alternate box.

6. Secure the drawers

Most dressers can be stacked with the drawers set up, but you’ll have to get them well. Close by keeping the drawers away from sliding out, this movement will similarly guarantee the furniture’s finish. Start by wrapping the piece with moving covers or paper padding, then, use plastic wrap or tape (applied exceptionally to the squeezing material) to get the wrapping.

Note: If the dresser is solid wood and too significant to even consider evening contemplate moving as a lone unit, you can take the drawers out while you pass on it, then, place them back in and wrap it once it’s inside the moving truck or holder.

7. Move the dresser mindfully

There are two distinct ways of getting a dresser from the room into the moving stuff: either with two people passing on it or by using a truck. If you expect passing on it, get it “high/low” — on its side with one individual holding the top and one holding the base. Of course you can use Forearm Forklifts to pass on it level since they help with packers and movers in hyderabad.

To use a truck, have a friend incline it so you can slide the truck under. Then, use lashes to secure it to the truck so it doesn’t move. Have your friend spot you as you travel through the house so you don’t run into anything.

Notwithstanding how you move it, pay special mind to any fragile legs or feet on the dresser as you place it in the moving equipment.

8. Weight the dresser

At the point when you get the dresser to the moving trailer or holder, we endorse setting it against a divider to give relentlessness. If you passed on it without the drawers set up, take the time as of now to replace and get them (as portrayed above in a state of harmony 6). Then, use ropes or binds to keep the entire piece away from moving during movement.

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Besides, if you have any requests in regards to the technique associated with moving a dresser, leave a comment underneath. We’re by and large here to help.