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How to avoid anxiety causes and depression?

Depression and anxiety are two different disorders, but they can appear at the same time. A survey says that almost 40% of the individuals having one mental issue meet with criteria of other problems. Additionally, a study indicates that 2 out of 5 people have anxiety and depression simultaneously. Although both disorders because for different reasons but anxiety causes might differ from depression causes. Below we will find out about the depression and anxiety symptoms, their causes, treatment as well.

Symptoms of Depression:

Experts indicate that many differences between anxiety and symptoms might be the same. However, many fundamental differences are there which help in differentiating between anxiety and depression.

Depression :

Depression is a state of feeling sad emotional, or broken. You must know that feeling sorry for some movements is no depression. If you have been dealing with the above emotions for days and weeks, then it is depression. Below are symptoms of depression 

● Problems while decision making

● Feeling sluggish frequently

● Pain, crams

● Weight loss

● Problems in sleep

Apart from the above symptoms, other indicators of depression include 

● Lack of interest in activities

● Persistent feelings

● Anxiety 

● Feeling guilty

● Experience of being helpless

● Anger

● Frequent suicide attempts

● Thoughts of suicide/death


Anxiety is another mental state in which an individual feels worried or fearful. It might be due to a significant incident in life. However, Anxiety Treatment is also possible, but we will look into anxiety symptoms before jumping into that.

Feeling fatigued

● Problems during concentration

● Grinding teeth

● Fast heartbeat

● Sleep issues

Some emotional symptoms include 

● restlessness, irritability, or feeling on edge

● difficulty controlling worry or fear

● dread

Depression and Anxiety Treatment:

If you find yourself experiencing with above issues, you know what is right for you. First, call for an appointment with a medical officer to seek help. Generally, the treatment requires you to open up about yourself and talk about your problems so that your therapist can work with you to find a solution. However, if you cannot afford an appointment, you should go online and search for depression and anxiety tests. These days, several online tests are available. However, these tests are an option but not the replacement of a professional medical officer. 

Another best option to deal with depression and anxiety is to manage your personality. Below we will let you know how you can manage your depression and anxiety.

Accept the truth: 

If you experience any symptoms of depression and anxiety, the first step says you should allow yourself to feel these emotions like pain, helplessness, sadness, etc. Once you accept that you have fear, you will get to know what anxiety causes. The sooner you get to realize the truth; quickly you will start to get heal. You must know these depressions are not because of your failures but due to any unforeseen event. Therefore, work on your thoughts and have a friend to talk to and open up about your issues.

Start a new activity:

It has been noticed that depression and anxiety attacks on loners, individual who stays therefore you. Therefore, you should charge yourself for adopting a new hobby such as joining a fitness club, playing cricket, or planting a garden. Adaptation to a new hobby will allow you to change your mindset and encounter new people with whom you can have a chitchat. Additionally, joining a fitness club will offer you a chance to maintain your health. Experts indicate that exercise is the best way to get rid of painful memories.

Make a daily routine plan:

You should create a list for yourself and follow it. Your list should include a proper diet, morning walk, and proper sleep. Following a routine will keep you busy and distract you from depression and anxiety.