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How to do link-building?

SEO link building service

SEO link building service

Each link is a recommendation to search engines like Google. More than that, links distribute SEO link-building service a digital value that increases the power of the receiving pages. Thus, the more links a page receives, the greater its power the better its ranking in the US SEO company, and the more visitors it receives.

For those who do not know, link building applied to e-commerce is an SEO strategy that aims to create a network of internal and external links and Links to this page around your e-commerce blog and online store. The purpose of this is to give these websites greater authority in search engines like Google and improve their organic traffic.

How to Build Links: Seven Crucial Techniques

If you are interested in learning how to do link building, perhaps you can start with these 7 essential techniques:

Optimize links

Like an SEO link-building service, for instance, to evaluate the quality of the internal and external connections as well as the existing backlinks on your site before taking any further action. From there, fix broken links, remove dubious links, disavow bad backlinks, etc.

Create rich content

Produce rich content, that is, quality. This type of content is usually longer and deeper. The publication size should be around 2,000 words. According to Hubspot, posts like these generate more backlinks.

Prospect Links

Your content must have external links, that is, they point to third-party websites. In fact, you can email these “third parties” and request a refund.

Sign alliances

More or less like link prospecting, partnerships are for you to exchange backlinks. In this case, however, it focuses on the production of guest posts and co-marketing. Choose partners whose websites have good page authority and domain authority.

Invest in relations with the press

Ideal for spreading news about your company, such as product and service launches.  An ad can write a statement about the news and send it to thousands of journalists, who will be able to create reports on the topic, generating hundreds of backlinks to your site.

Run campaign in RD Station

SEO link-building service Station Platform, which we provide to the e-Plus Agency that we use to publicize our e-commerce clients, allows us to create link-building campaigns. Through RD, it is possible to send mass emails requesting links with mentions of the brand.

Compra backlinks

Although it is not a particularly popular strategy in Brazil, buying backlinks is a possibility for businesses.

Okay, now that you are aware of some fundamental link-building techniques, begin applying them. Start with the simpler ones and work your way up to the more challenging ones after that.

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