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Cartoon Parrot Drawing

How to Draw A Cartoon Parrot. Parrots are some of the liveliest and most fun pets you could ever wish for! Many are beautifully colored, and many intelligent birds can even mimic human speech.

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Their beauty has made them popular for depiction in art, and learning how to draw a cartoon parrot is a great way to show how much you love these weird creatures!

That’s what we want to show you in this guide! In the end, you will know everything you need to create a fun cartoon portrait of this colorful species.

How to Draw A Cartoon Parrot

Step 1

With this guide, you’re ready to start, and we’ll draw some design elements to get you started! Let’s start with the parrot’s beak.

This is drawn as a rounded shape with a pointed tip at the end, and underneath is a pointed bottom part.

Next, we draw some curved lines with pointed tips coming from the top of the head for the feathered crown of the head.

So the wings go under the head. This also has a rounded shape with curved, feathery parts at the end.

Add another piece of feather to the end of this wing, and then we’re ready for step 2!

Step 2

You are now ready to finish the wing of this cartoon parrot drawing. It seems too short, so we’re going to lengthen it now. You can do this by adding another layer to the wing.

We will draw this one with curved lines similar to the other layers, but they will be much longer this time.

Step 3

This design looks cool! In this pattern step, we will add the eye and chest for this cute parrot.

You can start the eye by drawing an oval shape with a dot inside. Next, draw a larger oval shape around this and an even larger one around it.

To complete the face, add a nostril to the beak! Next, we’ll use a curved line going down from the base of the neck. It curves inward, outward, and then inward again.

The reference image shows you how it should look, and we’ll add more in the next few steps.

Step 4

You’re almost ready for the final details and elements of this cartoon parrot drawing! First, we have some finishing touches on the wing and tail.

For the wing, draw some small curved lines over it to create texture. Next, we’ll add some long, curved shapes from the base of the wings to complete the gorgeous feathers.

Once that’s done, let’s move on to Step 5, where we’ll finish the last few details we mentioned!

Step 5

In the last phase of this tutorial on how to draw a cartoon parrot, you will have fun coloring, but first, we must add some final details. In particular, we need to add the bird’s legs.

These have rounded, feathery parts with small details to add some texture.

As such, thin, leathery paws extend from these parts and have small, sharp claws at the ends of their toes.

Once those legs are drawn, you’re ready for the final step! Before that, you can also add some additional points.

There are so numerous ways to complete this all. Drawing a background would be a fun way to add to your image! Some ideas are drawing a birdcage or a jungle backdrop.

Step 6

Parrots are known to be incredibly colorful in many instances! However, some, like the grey parrot, take a more reserved approach, while the macaw is known for being beautifully colorful.

That means you have many different ways to color this parrot!

We’ve opted for a nice green color scheme in our reference image to make it stand out on the page. You could use this example for your photo, but it’s up to you!

Your Cartoon Parrot Drawing is Finished!

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