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Know before buying an industrial date code printer in Pakistan

industrial date code printer in pakistan

industrial date code printer in pakistan

Choosing an industrial date code printer in pakistan might be a difficult task. Inkjet coding and labelling is a modest but critical component of the manufacturing process. That can make or break a company’s success or failure.

The majority of manufacturers code on CIJ printers. Coding is frequently print directly onto goods or packaging in order to provide legal. Supply chain, or customer information to the intended audience. When it comes to purchasing industrial date code printer in pakistan. The key is to pay close attention to the five critical factors listed below.

industrial date code printer in pakistan
industrial date code printer in pakistan

Never allow the ink on the print head to dry!

There has always been one issue that has concerned users of industrial inkjet printers. Because the ink must dry fast, it is possible that the coding will be interrupted. Due to this, the nozzle becomes clogged and a lengthy cleaning and washing procedure is require. Additionally, the first prints after cleaning may be of lower quality. The question arises, however, when the ink must dry quickly on objects and packaging.

One of the most convincing responses came from Leibinger, which provided Sealtronic printhead technology. Sealtronic is a straightforward system to operate. Ink return line (also known as gutter) is automatically retract into the nozzle after. The coding process is complete, resulting in an airtight circuit. The return line on most other printers is left open. Allowing the ink to be expose to the air and clogging the nozzle.

The nozzle seal maintains the pressure of the ink stream. When the ink gutter is open, the machine is ready to print again in a matter of moments. Inkjet printers from Leininger equippe with automated Sealtronic nozzle sealing technology. May be coded again in seconds, resulting in a clean print every time. It also necessitates a reduction in consumables.

In order to be successful, industrial date code printer in pakistan must be able to integrate. With existing manufacturing processes rather than vice versa.

Every production line is distinct, necessitating the development of customised solutions. As a result, your inkjet industrial printer. May need to be put in a small space or at an unusual angle. Making the choice of a printer that can accommodate your workflow is critical. In addition, be certain that it contains all of the connectors necessary for easy integration.

Select the nozzle size and printing speed for your CIJ printer

Beyond speed, readability requirements differ from one production line to the next necessitating. The use of both large and small character printing options on the same line. In some cases, such as when printing on small goods such as electrical components. A small character inkjet printer with a finer rather than a broader nozzle may be require. As a result, even at small letter sizes, a 35m nozzle inkjet barcode printer can create high-quality coding.

Select CIJ solutions that can keep up with the demands of your coding applications. Such as Some cable printing technologies can print at speeds of up to 1,000 metres per minute.

A long-lasting continuous printer

Industrial printers need to be long-lasting. Food processing plants, lumber yards, and wheat mills, for example, might be excessively dusty or highly controlled environments. Thus, a stainless steel housing free of plastics. As well as a pressurised printhead, are essential in order to prevent dust from interfering with printing performance.

The use of cleaning equipment, such as printers, is a typical requirement for many food-related businesses. It is possible that industrial inkjet printers with IP65 protection may be require to survive daily wash-down.

It is preferable to make use of a continuous inkjet printer

Despite the fact that your manufacturing line is totally automated. Manual intervention is frequently required, such as when changing. The information print on each individual product Sublimation printer in pakistan. Make certain that the printer you chose has an easy-to-use display screen. Separate administrator and production staff access. And that it provides training to its employees before purchasing it. The final print should be display in WYSIWYG format. In some industrial marking software, for example (what you see is what you get).