Is summer tyre better than all seasons?

Summer Vs All season tyres

Tyres are the most for granted part of the car, but why? The component is the reason for improving car performance. So why do most people don’t do anything for its maintenance as well as never follow the guides while choosing a tyre? Here, we will learn about the two types of tyres summer tyres and all seasons tyres; once you choose them, your car will run smoothly and you will have the safest journey. You will learn which is better. 

Summer and all-season tyres are the leading tyre type in the UK as well as the world. Choosing between these two tyre types is daunting since both types of tyres offer amazing performance. However, your place’s road condition, as well as weather, can tell you which tyre type suits your car the most. Apart from this, choosing the right brand is a must; Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, and Bridgestone Tyres Wisley are the best among all brands. 

What Are Summer Tyres?

Do you know summer tyres are the most successful type of tyre not only in the UK but throughout the world? Summer tyres offer amazing performance on a dry or wet road when the temperature is between 7 degrees to 26 degrees and more. These tyres consist of amazing rubber compounds as well as it offers less rolling resistance. Of course, you can save money on fuel. Summer tyres are best for their prime traction and handling in warmer months. These tyres can run in the winter season also; on extreme or light snowy roads, however, they can’t perform as well as they offer on summer roads. 

Summer tyres also consist of other types of tyres in it; summer performance tyres, summer high-performance tyres, summer ultra-high-performance tyres, etc. you can choose the best summer tyre that suits your car the most. 

Why should you choose summer tyres? 

High-performance summer tyres can beat any type of tyre in the summer months. All-season tyres can’t offer the same grip, handling, cornering, etc as summer tyres offer in the summer season. A high-speed or luxury car’s already excellent handling is better even further by summer tyres if you frequently drive on the racetrack or love navigating winding roads. Performance tyres boost speed while also improving turning and braking ability. 

Continental SportContact 7, Continental SportContact 6, Michelin Pilot Sport 4 s, Michelin Pilot Sport 5, Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5, etc are some of the best summer tyres for high-speed and luxury automobiles. 

What Are All-Season Tyres?

All-season tyres come with an amazing tread pattern that can perform well in every season. The rubber compound of the tyre can run on hot and cold season roads. Whether it’s a wet or dry road, whether the temperature is 0 degrees or 23 degrees, all-season tyres perform well. The all-season tire’s flaw; it can’t provide the same amount of traction, handling, responsiveness, cornering, etc. That a specific season tyre can. However, that does not mean it will let you down. 

All-season tyres also offer different types; you can buy standard all-season tyres, high-performance all-season tyres, and ultra-high-performance all-season tyres. 

Why Should You Choose All-Season Tyres?

You don’t have to install summer or winter tyres according to their season if you have all-season tyres. Today, many automobiles come with an all-season tyre. This is because the technology enhance and they are making all-season tyres that can compete with summer or winter tyres. Michelin CrossClimate 2, Pirelli Cinturato All season SF2, and Continental All season Contact are some best all-season tyres.

All-season tyres are convenient; you don’t need to install them at the end of the season. Benefits; Good handling all year, longer tread life and less expensive than summer tyres. 


It is better if all of your vehicle’s tyres are of the same type, whether you want summer or all-season tyres. For instance, you should install the entire set of summer tyres if you decide to purchase them. You should also check the size, speed rating, load capacity, and any other specified parameters. Selecting all-season is also a wise choice because it can operate on roads in any weather. If performance on warmer roads is an issue, use summer Car Tyres Bracknell.

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