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Korean Movies To Watch If You Loved ‘Squid Game’

Korean Movies To Watch If You Loved 'Squid Game'

“Cinema is not only about making people dream. It’s about changing things and making people think,” said Nadine Labaki, a Lebanese actress, director and activist.

If you’ve been watching Squid Game like everyone else recently… South Korean storytelling may have introduced you to a whole new world of entertainment. Best said by Oscar-winning director Bong Joon-ho, “You will be introduced to more amazing films once you cross the 1-inch line of subtitles.”

Bardya Ziaian Toronto is a successful filmmaker from Toronto, who has very passionate about movies like Squid Game. Bardya Ziaian’s vision for the think tank is to create opportunities based on the current macroeconomic environment.

Here are 6 Korean films that you must watch if you like Squid Game:

Escape room:

Safe invitation, yes. Find a deadly game. Please confirm that the grand prize is fun. The perfect comparison for Squid Game fans is Escape Room. The psychological horror film, directed by Adam Robitel, details what happens after six completely unrelated strangers get together at the Minos Escape Room Facility. They begin a series of mentally challenging games that will push their limits and do even more when $10,000 is promised. No doubt the game is a little bloody and gory, but you’re sure to get that Squid Game buzz.

The Belko Experiment:

The basis of Belko’s experiment is an ordinary day in the wrong office. As well as being trapped in their office building, 80 employees must play a series of deadly games of survival. They believe a mysterious voice on the intercom that gives them 30 minutes to kill two employees is the cause of their predicament.

This unfortunate development creates an unlikely alliance as it pits friends against each other. In the end, only the survival of the fittest counts.

The Purge:

A rich family struggles to survive the night after their safe house is attacked in a future where all crimes are punished once a year. The fact that few people have a choice in this regard makes The Purge terrifying. While some indulge in sordid celebrations, others are forced to fall victim to a sordid game of cat and mouse. This creates a very realistic watch with real, relatable characters.


The plot of Circle begins with 50 strangers waking up in a dimly lit room that is both confusing and intriguing. They have no idea where they are or why they are there, so let’s start with that. One death every two minutes is the only visible pattern. Things start to get interesting when the group realizes they can choose another stranger to save their own life. Secrets are revealed, alliances are forged, and sacrifices are made to reveal the true nature of humanity.

The Tournament:

The competition of the rich against the poor in sports is the main theme of this book. Does that sound like you? The tilt event in this case is known as a “tournament” and occurs every ten years. Only crazy and dangerous volunteers get involved in illegal activities because they put their lives in danger. Of course, watching shady characters being hunted is much more acceptable. But it’s also disturbing because it forces viewers to consider how far the rich will go for thrill-seeking.

Battle Royale:

You’ll notice some similarities there, as The Hunger Games is essentially the American equivalent of this controversial work. The actual Battle Royale explores a dystopian future where randomly selected ninth graders face each other in brutal combat – and yes, it’s a matter of life and death – and is based on an even more controversial book (the kind that will be banned). .Of course, it is not pleasant to see teenagers killing themselves. Still, it’s interesting to see classic high school clichés emerge amidst all this physical violence.