Law of Attraction Relationships! – Understanding the “Magic Formula” to Making Love Relationships

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Never before in my life have I been surrounded by examples of people in wonderful relationships, mainly long-lasting marriages. For example, Don and Barbara. I think they have been together for over sixty years. He hadn’t spoken to Barbara before her extensive hospital stay that began in late December! I finally made sure to bring some flowers and have a nice time with little Barbara. Barbara and Don are role models for my husband and me. Their relationship is a solid, rich, and lasting model of love. After my visit to her, I was touched by the stability of her connection. They have 6 adult children and are in the generation of great-grandchildren’s life. Don cares for Barbara with unshakable faith that she will regain her well-being.

Seeing this kind of depth is beyond explanation, really. The atmosphere was full of knowledge and affection. Words fail me as I try to explain the connection.

Then there are my in-laws. Another example of two lovers who have gone through a life full of ups and downs. There is a stability and a durable quality that is so solid and provides comfort. They have created children who have aspirations for relationships based on communication, mutual respect, laughter, and love. Strengthening yourself with the Law of Attraction is enormously powerful in attracting relationships, and it’s not difficult to understand.

On the contrary, there are homes in which many of us have grown up in which struggles, arguments and anxiety were a daily occurrence. Interestingly, in any case, there is no “guarantee” that we will follow our mom and dad. Failed marriages and relationships still occur when the model was stable and based on love, mutual values, and respect.

Is it a magic formula?

So what is really going on here? These people seem to have a magic formula pact. Was it always easy? I do not believe it. But, they have perpetually upheld their willingness to manifest and recreate possibility in their love. I’m sure life wasn’t all sweet and easy for them. However, they return to the meaning of who they are in their relationship with each other. You can create your own Law of Attraction Relationships right now and skyrocket your creative energy level!

So why is it different for many of us? Everyone came to this life experience wanting a little of this and some of that. To change it. Of course, we tend to be waking up to a transcendent reality where we can choose more than we really want, rather than sticking with the default creation settings the 3 word formula. We have discovered how to use contrast as a point of distinction; realize the contrast of a failed association to better define what we want in a relationship that works; one that is full of love and clear communication.

Of course, the contrast is great information. But what if you’ve had enough contrast and don’t know what to do next? If you’ve read “Create the Love of Your Dreams” or have been reading about any of the Law of Attraction masters, we all say, keep your nose aimed at the location of what it feels like to already have what you want. .

I’ll give you that in most cases it seems easier said than done. That is where it becomes important to maintain a practice and a responsibility. Why live life on the receiving end rather than its Source? Find a group or friend and start co-creating some juicy relationship affirmations and stick to your words and actions.

There is also personal coaching. It is not like the psychotherapy that many people continue to attend for years and years. Coaching is done so that you can see where you need to change your vibration and make the most of your own personal inner workings so that you can create the life of your dreams.

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