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Best Lean Mass Gainers Review and performance in 2021 – Bioxnutrition

Lean Mass Gainers

lean mass gainer is a protein designed for athletes to gain skeletal muscle and lose extra body fat. Usually, a mixture of protein and carbs make a high-calorie drink. Protein is blended with the bulk from concentrated Whey, and carbs come from carbohydrate supplements or different foods, including sweets, Oat, and potatoes. Expert athletes indicate that a lean mass gainer should contain moderate protein and carbs to offer easy digestion and desired results.

These days’ market is full of mass gainers claiming to have the best product around. Therefore, it is not easy for a new athlete to find a lean gainer that assists in muscle gain and contains a low amount of fats. Below we have brought the best muscle gaining supplements which are ideal for achieving desired fitness goals.


A well-recognized protein supplement in the market that is popular amongst athletes because of its purity. The supplement offers 50grams of protein and 250grams of carbs in a single serving: a great accessory that is easily digestible and a replacement for single heavy meals. However, if you are worried about the required micronutrient, you must know that it is loaded with multi-vitamins and the appropriate amount of minerals.

USN Muscle Fuel:

USN muscle fuel is a supplement that fulfils the gap between weight gainers and is added with ingredients not available in ordinary muscle gaining supplements available in the market. You will get 5grams of Creatine which is enough for supporting strength and powerful support.

It contains fewer carbs, which is ideal for individuals who want to use a post-workout drink.

Calories 560-580

Protein 53-55g

Carbs 77-79g

Predator Lean Muscle Gainer 

A new product in the market and perfect for the athletes who want to gain muscle by staying on a budget. It is well-known due to its delicious chocolate flavours. With a single serving, you will get 400 grams of calories, 50grams of carbs, and 32grams of protein. The ingredients list is simple and enough to fulfil your requirements.

Calories 393

Protein 32g

Carbs 50g


A well-structured formula of glutamine and Creatine, it contains 10 grams of glutamine and Creatine. Muscletech offers an appropriate amount of carbohydrates, oat bran, and buckwheat. It is fully capable of replacing a high protein and carbs-oriented meal.

Calories 840

Protein 63g

Carbs 131g

BSN True Mass: 

BSN mass gainer is an iconic name in the world of protein. A well-organized protein supplement that contains a mixed-release branched-chain Whey blend to keep your muscles supplied with the required amount of branched-chain amino acids for hours of drinking. The supplement comes in delicious flavours and proves to be a consistent performer without having any side effects.

Calories 700

Protein 52g

Carbs 250g

Dymatize Super Lean mass Gainers: 

A pure protein supplement that offers 1300 calories per serving and assists in speedy muscle growth without putting on extra body fat.

Calories 1280

Protein 63g

Carbs 131g

Gold Standard Gainer:

The second appropriate nutrition gainer supplement offers fewer calories in a single serving. GsG does not include vitamins and enzymes contains in solemn mass.

Therefore, it is considered a source of clean protein for gaining muscle and reducing muscle fatigue.