Managed Legal Services: What are they?

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The idea of managed legal services is explained in more detail in this article. It defines each component and goes into great length to explain it. Finally, it provides an example of a company’s online constitution.

Managed Legal Services Definition

  • 1. A managed legal service addresses a legal issue
  • 2. as a predetermined package of services
  • 3. at a clear price.

The definition is divided into these three parts:

  • It provides a clear price answer,
  • It addresses a legal issue, and 
  • It is a predefined package of services.

Solving a Legal Issue

legal issues solving

It first resolves a legal issue. Please note that the word “issue” is used here rather than “question.” A legal issue often involves several questions, and if you are not an expert in the field of law, it is impossible to know which questions to ask first. A managed legal service meets the client’s demand to find a comprehensive solution to their issue.

A legal problem is much more complex than a legal inquiry for clients without legal experience.

Predefined Service Bundles

It is also a pre-packaged set of services. This indicates that the problem’s solution (or set of answers) was already in place before the customer even posed a query. This implies that the service provider has previously precisely outlined the problem’s scope as well as the numerous solutions that might be considered. In contrast to the customary reactive strategy (let’s wait for the question and handle it when it comes), this necessitates a proactive attitude from the legal service provider. This is a significant departure from the established norm for legal services.

A managed legal service necessitates initiative. Before the client ever poses a question, the expert must resolve the problem.

For a Transparent Price

Finally, a workable option with an upfront cost. Thus, the client receives:

  • a fixed price and/or;
  • a price range and/or;
  • enough information to make a reasonable estimate of the price. 

Transparent pricing also means that the client can get in touch without first needing to know this information. This is a significant departure from conventional legal service providers that charge by the hour.

Transparency also means that the client has access to pricing details before contacting the specialist.

Company Incorporation Online – Example

The online incorporation of businesses is an excellent illustration of a managed legal service. Innovative businesses have emerged to make it easier to register firms online all around the world. Previously handled by attorneys and accountants, this work is now handled by cutting-edge legal service providers.


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