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Mars within 12 zodiac signs and Their Planet Positions With


Mars (Mangal Grha) is an astrological planet with immense energy and an immense passion for Astrology. Mars is a subject to human emotion, passion, and thirst for action and a thirst for life, and also violent emotional eruptions.

The location that is taken by Mars in the zodiac signs of the Zodiac can provide information on the person’s typical way of responding when guided by the principles of action and desire.

It drives us to be competitive, to fight, and be able to overcome obstacles and rivalries which is our drive, our incentive to take action and achieve.

A properly-placed Mars in the Birth Chart can give great physical strength, especially when it aligns with the Ascendant, and also with a healthy amount of confidence and ambition

Mars Transit in 12 signs

1. Mars is Aries (Energetic but aggressive)

Mars is in Aries is home and is a source of energy that is hard to control! This causes a person to manifest and to be influenced by the impulses that guide the way he acts and express himself.

The people who are born with Mars in Aries along with being a spirited people, they also have the courage, determination, and lots of impulsiveness when they make decisions.

Mars Effects when in Aries

  • Self-confidence
  • Independence
  • Energy
  • A thirst for new ideas
  • Immediacy

2. Mars within Taurus (Perseverance and Stubborn)

People with Mars within Taurus tend to focus more emphasis on getting material and financial resources, being in a more concrete and prudent way.

You’re determined in making decisions that can cause rash actions and wrong conclusions. However, the flexibility and flexibility that you do not have could prove beneficial to you in resolving important problems.

Mars Impacts while you are on Mars

3. Mars is Gemini (Liveliness but also impatient)

If your birth chart contains Mars in Gemini and you are a Gemini, then you can comfortably be classified in the category of genius thinkers. Alongside being able to quickly learn anything quickly, You are able to apply your clever deductions.

Your intelligence, curiosity, and dexterity provide you with the capacity to design and create strategies to further move forward within your job. Even the smallest idea that happens to pop up within your head, with your guidance, can result in great outcomes.

Mars Effects when in Gemini

  • Liveliness
  • Love is the freedom to love
  • Impatience
  • Curiosity

4. Mars within Cancer (Stability but Caution)

If the birth chart of your baby is ruled by Mars in Cancer, You are seeking stability and comfort, so any change can be an actual challenge for you.

A position like this can cause a person to prefer to have the upper hand at home or to take the decision-making in the family. In addition, if there are tensions in this world, one must be extra cautious not to be at war with the family. If feasible, you should be patient and don’t allow them to take over your life.

Mars The effects when you are in Cancer

  • Sensitivity
  • Devotion
  • Caution
  • Persistence

5. Mars is in Leo (Creative but skeptical)

Creativity, energy, and willpower are the hallmarks that are characteristic of Mars in Leo, as also perseverance and determination. In relationships, they may be prone to jealousy or overbearing. Since they tend to be more proud and more determined and focused, relationships can experience moments of highs and lows, but they’re always filled with enthusiasm and warmth.

Mars Effects when in Leo

  • Energy
  • Openness
  • Susceptibility
  • Optimism

6. Mars within Virgo (Responsible but Restrained)

If the planet of your Mars is in Virgo, and you’re definitely a tidy and polite person without any room for resiliency. Any venture, no matter how big or do, you conduct carefully and with great care. You are a fan of order and cleanliness throughout your life, so you usually take initiative when it comes to household chores as well as organizing your work space at work.

Additionally, you’re not less content to hand out assignments to relatives and colleagues and be vigilant about the process. Pedantry and discipline will be with you all the time.

Mars Effects when Virgo

  • Obligation
  • Scrupulousness
  • Restraint
  • Responsiveness

7. Mars within Libra (Sociable but diplomatic)

Mars in Libra frequently increases an individual’s desire for approval from others. Because Libra is opposite to Aries (ruled by Mars) The planet is affected by its distance from its place of origin due to this location.

Their assertiveness is restricted under Libra’s influence, more friendly and politically minded. Libra represents a sign of friendship that promotes social interaction between people, which is why Mars in Libra is more hesitant to take action, never threatening the other person directly but instead relying on the environmental and social conditions to reach its objectives.

Mars Impacts while in Libra

  • Non-conflict
  • Sociability
  • Balance
  • Diplomacy

8. Mars is located in Scorpio (Passionate but Sturdy)

Since Mars is a symbol of forwarding motion, and Scorpio is known for its emotional tendencies, This combination can make a person tough and determined in their endeavors.

If your birth chart contains Mars in Scorpio then you’re an athlete who goes continuously forward, wanders off and falls down, then gets up again, and then continues the pace regardless of the circumstance. You’re like a phoenix rising from the dust. Anything is within your reach.

Mars Impacts while in Scorpio

  • Perseverance
  • Insight
  • Passion
  • Curiosity

9. Mars is located in Sagittarius (Entrepreneurship but also Extremely Agile)

People with Mars located in Sagittarius generally tend to be welcoming and optimistic, as well as outgoing, confident, and independent in their behavior. It is mostly true that those who are born with Mars in Sagittarius are more entrepreneurial and optimistic energy. They are always planning a project or venture that is new and pursuing an ethereal, distant star.

Mars The effects when you are in Sagittarius

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Gambling
  • Openness
  • Optimism

10. Mars is located in Capricorn (Conservatism but also a Calculative)

The qualities of solidity and stability are the most prominent characteristics of those who live with Mars who reside in Capricorn. You’re on your feet and know exactly what you’d like to accomplish in your life. And your determination and ability to blend consistency and perseverance will help you reach amazing levels in every company you choose to take on.

Mars The effects when in Capricorn

  • Sequence
  • Conservatives
  • Sturdiness
  • Discipline

11. Mars is in Aquarius (Independent but impatient)

Mars in Aquarius is known to trigger the desire to be independent in your attitude. This is why people who have this sign typically prefer to conduct themselves in a certain way.

The levels of energy are high on Mars in Aquarius however, they may fluctuate sometimes, coming in waves. This is why natives may be irritable or impulsive when it comes to their goals, particularly in the case of other astrological foundations that don’t balance this behavior. Despite their potential for impulsiveness, however, they generally respond with ease to situations of emergency, because Aquarius is known for its ability to overcome obstacles.

Mars Effects When you are in Aquarius

  • Uniqueness
  • Independence
  • Thinking
  • Passion

12. Mars is Pisces (Intuitive but also Restlessness)

People who have Mars in Pisces are likely to have a higher level of intuition and behave more diplomatically and humorously in daily life. They attempt to appear calm and serene on the outside, however, they may be very agitated on the inner. This aspect of Mars can cause feelings of indecisiveness and procrastination Therefore, the need to develop self-control is essential.

Mars Effects when you are in Pisces

  • Emotional
  • Passivity
  • Sensitivity
  • Romance