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Studying The Quran An Experienced Male Or Female Teacher

It is very important to learn the tafseer, without which you will not know the meaning of the words.online quran academyWe all know that the

It is very important to learn the tafseer, without which you will not know the meaning of the words.online quran academy
We all know that the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Holy Quran tells us the complete way of life that God recommends. How God created this universe and that He alone is the master of the whole universe.
Therefore, we should only follow the path that God Himself recommends to us. But the question is: what is the recommended path and what does He want us to do, and how do we know? The answer is to learn the tafsir of the online quran academy.

What we teach

We teach our students all the details of ayat with reference to other verses and hadiths of the Qur’an. The Qur’an is the last of the four holy books. The Qur’an is different from other holy books such as the Bible, the Holy Qur’an and the Holy Scriptures. The other holy books are single books, but the Qur’an is in parts so that people can understand it better. However, the Ayaats in the Quran are interrelated. That is why you need an Aliyat to teach you the Tafseer ul Quran.


Therefore, if you have a desire to learn the Qur’an, we recommend that you first learn to recite it. If you intend to learn Tafsir ul Quran, it is not necessary that you also learn Quran translation or recite Quran from a career before starting this course.

But if you have already learnt Quran translation or recitation, then it is fine. Similarly, if you have learnt some hadith, that’s also good, but if not, no problem, you can still learn online quran academy tafsiri.

How to learn Tajweed?

History of Tajweed: Our tutors have the right knowledge about the history of Tajweed in relation to learning Tajweed. They will not only guide you in learning Tajweed but also help you to achieve the required practice. Only with regular practice can you improve your singing. You will see changes in yourself

Your recitation of the Qur’an will soon change.

Tajweed can be simple: it’s the Qur’an that you need to finish reciting with a course of Tajweed. Tajweed is a set of rules that scholars have to make sure they pronounce correctly, giving each word its place, because if you read the letter wrongly, it can change the whole meaning. It is very important to keep the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) words pronounced correctly. The importance of applying the rules of Tajweed and some ways in which you can learn Tajweed easily.

Arabic language or Tajweed :

We teach Quran one to one with Tajweed and all other lessons. One to one means there is only one student at a time. There are no other students with you, which is a big advantage for the student. The teacher concentrates on only one student, not many. Therefore, the Online Quran Class can better help you by pointing out your weak rules in Tajweed.