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Setting up an organization located in Ajman within the UAE.


Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Ajman is one of the smallest of the seven Emirates within the United Arab Emirates, with an estimated total area of 260 square kilometers. The main industries in Ajman include real estate, manufacturing construction, retail transportation, and business services.

The process of starting an enterprise in Ajman requires meticulous planning and making decisions. This will require a business start-up consultant who studies the legal requirements for the business’s creation. Numerous management consulting firms in Ajman offer these opportunities for investors by helping them investor with all the formalities involved in creating the business.

Creation of the Ajman Company

Bonjour Dubai knows the regulations and best practices to set up an enterprise in Ajman and can help establish your business here. You can select an unrestricted zone, a free Dubai mainland Free Zone, or an offshore company in UAE.

Ajman Free Zone Authority.

The ajman free zone authority was launched in 1988. This stimulates business growth within the region. Ajman Free Zone Companies have safe business formation procedures and the issuance of business licenses to businesses managed and established under the Ajman Free Zone Authority.

The idea of starting your business within Ajman Free Zone has many advantages:

  • 100 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No paperwork
  • Corporate tax exemption from corporations.
  • Laws that support business
  • Simple and quick immigration rules for workers

Ajman Media City Free Zone

Ajman Media City Free Zone is a brand-new free zone that provides comprehensive digital and media services within the United Arab Emirates. This Free Zone has its headquarters in and provides high-tech communications and telecommunications with top-of-the-line digital customer support and incentives to entrepreneurs interested in establishing an enterprise at Media Free Zone City.

The Emirate of Ajman

If one chooses to begin an organization in mainland Ajman the presence of local sponsors is vital. A company based in mainland can choose one of the following entities:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • public limited company
  • branch representative office
  • Professional firm

Ajman Free Zone Authority

The Ajman Free Zone Authority regulates Offshore. This area of jurisdiction is home to the following aspects:

  • General trade professional services
  • Participation in Co-investment and investment companies
  • Advisory/consulting services
  • Commission agents/brokers

Benefits of registration of companies in Ajman

  1. In the Emirate 100, 100% foreign ownership and total repatriation of profits and capital are allowed inside Ajman Free Zone.
  2. Ajman Free Zone Authority does not charge registration charges.
  3. The process of registering a business in Ajman is easy. It is possible to get one-stop clearances for various government services, including postal services, licenses, immigration, visas, etc.

Business licenses are available in Ajman.

National Industrial License

Some requirements must be satisfied to be granted this license. They include–

  • Businesses with a national industrial license can benefit from customs duty-free to Arab Gulf Cooperation Council member states.

Trade license

Businesses operating a business in have been issued this license. Trade involves importing, exporting, and re-exporting products or services in the United Arab Emirates.

Industrial license

The business license is available for any international, UAE, and free zone business that performs manufacturing.

E-commerce license

The E-commerce License is a brand-new licensing level for businesses that sell online. It allows partnerships between entrepreneurs online using the free zone to access the rapidly growing online-based market in the GCC and the region. There are huge opportunities for e-commerce in and The United Arab Emirates, with approximately 42 percent of the population doing business online. The Free Zone has a record-breaking number of applications for an e-commerce license issue within the Emirate.

General maintenance license

If someone is planning to establish a business for maintenance within the Emirate and is looking to start a business, they need a general maintenance license. The license will give people in the maintenance industry the power to fix things and maintain regular maintenance to ensure buildings remain in good shape.

Ajman Company registration procedure

To start a company in the first step is choosing a legal entity among those listed below.

  • Single establishment
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Public/private shareholding company
  • Professional firm
  • Branch

After deciding on the format, the steps below are to be performed:

  1. Submit the form for business applications to the city’s customer service center for initial approval.
  2. Check-in to Municipality Inspection Unit to confirm business location.
  3. Request approval from the city’s specialist services if needed.
  4. Approve trade name and issue of a business register and membership certificate.
  5. Submit the necessary documents and approvals from the Ministry of Commerce as acceptance to the Registrar of Companies.
  6. Make sure you pay all the fees and submit it to the Customer Service Center for receipt. It could take up to a day to receive the authorization for your business.

Required documents

The registration procedure is easy, and a specific document set is needed:

  • An authentic photocopy of the passport of a shareholder of the firm
  • The proof of residency of the owner of the business
  • Constitutive Act
  • The Article of Association
  • Fully completed application to be incorporated into an offshore bank account
  • Bank reference letter
  • Offshore account Holder CV
  • A business plan that includes a cost-benefit analysis


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