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5 Ways to Avoid Risk When Outlook Spam Filter Not Working

outlook spam filter not working

Junk or spam emails cause threats to any user’s email account. That’s why the spam filter setting is used. But, this setting can’t stop junk emails. Instead, move them to a spam folder and do not show them in your inbox. But what if you see junk emails there? It’s simple. Your outlook spam filter is not working. But why? That’s the concern here!

There are various ways you can reduce the risk. What are those, and how does that help? Learn here in this guide. Let’s dive in!

What Is Spam Filtering and How Does It Work?

An Outlook spam filter is a feature that finds unnecessary emails and puts them into a junk folder. It ensures that no emails with malicious content are received in the inbox. 

You can find these settings in your Outlook email account. But, if the spam filter is not working for any reason, you can try these tips. It’ll reduce the risk of receiving junk emails.

Avoid Junk Emails When Spam Filter Is Not Working

You can try these tips to help you reduce the junk emails in Outlook. 

1. Turn off automatic processing for meeting requests: 

This is a useful feature of Outlook that, when enabled, automatically accepts meeting requests. But, if you’re getting spam emails on your account, it’s best to disable it. It’s because spammers may use this feature to verify your emails. 

2. Block pictures in HTML messages:

You must have seen that the HTML pictures in the messages download automatically. This, in turn, verifies your email address on the server as valid and can be sold to the spammers. 

Therefore, you should ensure that the Anti-spam feature in your Outlook is enabled. This feature blocks automatic picture downloads. Aso, it prevents other external content in the message from downloading that is linked to the server. 

3. Post your mail on authoritative sites:

You need to be cautious when you post your email on any website. For instance, chat rooms, newsgroups, bulletin boards, etc.

Verify these websites by checking their credibility and authority. Such platforms are readily available to spammers. They collect email addresses from there and start spamming users based on their interests. 

4. Don’ reply to spam emails:

Always pay attention to the content in the email address. If you find it suspicious, then try to avoid it. Firstly, do not reply to such emails. 

You must be sure that the email sender is genuine and not a hacker. Such emails usually come from online stores or newsletters you have signed up with. They might lure you with unbelievable discounts and offers. 

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Final words:

The tips mentioned above are applicable in all situations. When your Outlook Spam Filter is not working, and until the time it gets resolved, these tips will help you. Further, if you’re looking for its solutions, go to our blog section. For more help, feel free to contact us.

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