Popular home-shifting FAQs answered for you!

The moment we think of relocations, our mind moves into a trance of endless questions, doubts, concerns, and confusion! Have you ever dealt with a similar emotion? No? But fear something alike happening to you as you are preparing yourself for your next move from your present place of stay, Kolkata?? In that case, you can seek professional moving assistance from the packers and movers in Kolkata. Easy to find, easy to book – all you need for the same is a knack for extensive research and a stable internet connection!

Well, now that you know the foremost step to your relocation is hiring an expert team of relocation personnel, let’s not waste time in digging deep into the same story, but find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by customers, whenever they think of making a move.

Let’s begin:

Why relocations are always considered expensive? Is there any way to make it easy on the pocket?

Relocations are certainly a pricey affair; after all, it involves seamless shifting of your goods and belongings from one place to another. Consider the size of your household and the countless things you have accumulated over all these years, you would certainly need a professional, reliable associate that can make this transition smoother, and therefore, you will need money to pay for the service you shall be offered. But, yes, you can definitely make your relocation on a budget if you take care of certain things – for instance:

  1. Cutting down extra stuff from your household before the move.
  2. Packing a significant amount of packing yourself, and leaving only the complicated, bulky objects for the professionals to handle.
  3. Manage everything that you possibly can, from purchasing the basic packing supplies to preparing your bulky, difficult-to-manage objects on your own.
  4. Sensibly schedule your move. If possible, try to relocate during the off-season, and during the weekdays. Finding a suitable slot with the movers remains easy at that time and you also get to fulfill your move at a pretty low rate.

• A friend of mine, who relocated last month, endured heavy damage to her belongings and a major amount of stuff was misplaced. I am worried. How can I decide what’s the right choice for me?

Relocations have always been challenging – and this is not only for the customers but for the moving companies too. They try their level best to stand up to the expectations of their customers and clients but at times, when there is some mishap or accident during the transit and nothing really seems to work, we also end up encountering such events. But, if you talk about the moving scams triggered by fake moving organizations and third-party associates, we would simply advise you to take care of a few things:

  1. Always research thoroughly, read everything carefully before you finalize a particular moving company. There are countless options, and most of them coming from non-genuine companies, so you need to be very sure of your decisions and sign up for a moving deal only when you are totally sure about it. You must also review the years of expertise of the company and the kind of services it offers.
  2. For that, you need to run a detailed background check of the company – review the company’s registration claims, licensing and insurance terms, customer testimonials and read everything associated with the company the internet shows you. Do not get trapped with deceitful offers and discounts, and stay away from companies quoting you with improper pricing structure and unrealistic moving quotations for your assignment.
  3. The telephonic conversation is not enough. You need to clarify everything with the company professionals over a meeting – either held at your place or at the company’s nearest branch. Until and unless you are sure of the shortlisted company’s legitimacy and expertise, you should not make any payments. Always collect multiple quotations, and only after assessing everything in detail, you should give your opinion.

• What can I do to ensure my goods remain safe during the move?

As a well-informed customer, you would certainly be aware of what all it takes to conduct a safe and secure move. If we talk about packing and preparations, it is better to seek professional help from authentic relocation companies.

Note: Nowadays, it is quite easy to get trapped with false claims and interesting offers which in reality, are nothing more than a means to fool innocent customers. You should, therefore, research and find genuine and experienced moving companies and read every information given out on their website – from the range of services to the assurances they offer their customers, the pricing and payment modules, the insurance coverage they have formulated to ensure maximum customer satisfaction in case of any mishap, etc., etc. – everything should be taken into consideration.

Besides, if you are packing your articles yourself, you should invest in quality packing materials that you can easily source from the utility stores nearby or even get them online. But your packing inventory must have:

  1. Quality moving boxes
  2. Heavy-duty cartons
  3. Furniture wraps
  4. Plastic stretch wraps
  5. Bubble wraps
  6. Foam sheets
  7. Corrugated boxes
  8. Duct tape
  9. Moving blankets
  10. Packing paper
  11. Special boxes/cartons
  12. Permanent Marker
  13. Name Labels
  14. Safety scissors
  15. Cutter or knife

Make sure when you are packing goods, you are safeguarding the delicate, expensive items separately. If you have the professionals – the movers and packers in Kolkata already booked, they will take care of everything. Just make sure, every itemis wrapped well in quality packing materials and all the fragile items and their are insulated well before they are loaded onto the moving vehicle.

Final Note

We only answered the three most frequently inquired questions, but these were definitely the most important queries that we receive from our customers, whenever they consider a move. We have answered every question honestly and have shared general information and not any personal opinion.

We would answer more such questions from our prospective customers and the general public in our future blog posts. Until then, keep dropping us your concerns and we will try to answer them all.

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