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Top 10 Bridal Salon POS software for bridal salon

Salon POS software is an important part of any salon system used to perform regular checkout transactions. A POS system works more

Salon POS software is an important part of any salon system used to perform regular checkout transactions. A POS system works more efficiently. The automated features of the system make service faster and easier for staff and customers. These systems have a variety of features such as high-speed cash registers. Portable barcode readers, salon receipt processing, instant emailing or printing of customer receipts, card payments, etc.

A POS terminal in a salon is very important to ensure the quality and accuracy of customer data. It determines how well the bridal salon software works. If you do not have correct and complete. Customer data in your system, you will miss the opportunity to grow your salon’s business.

So how do you choose the best. However, let’s take a look at these 10 best bridal salon POS software for your bridal salon.

 Salon Attendant

Salonist is a bridal salon point of sale software. That allows you to schedule appointments, POS system, manage finances, inventory, payroll and more with just a few clicks. It works extremely efficiently and quickly and increases overall productivity dramatically. Without the help of a skilled cashier or finance professional, you can easily manage your finances and balance sheet. With multiple payment methods, cash register and customized reports.


SuperSalon is a complete salon Barcode Inventory System for Small Business platform. That includes point of sale (POS) functionality and is designed to help small, medium and large businesses grow. The software offers online appointment booking and appointment scheduling. While a mobile app and customer kiosk facilitate self-service checkout and video menu display screens. A loyalty program helps win back customers, and SMS messaging has been added to the engagement features.


SalonMonster is a bridal salon POS software that allows users to sell products. Manage service prices, sales tax and discounts, charge for multiple appointments in a single transaction and track fashion tips. It helps generate reports on revenue, customers, retail sales, productivity and commissions. With built-in CRM functionality, users can also store customer contact information, appointments, bookings and preferences. It includes tools for HR management, customer management, product sales, reporting and more.


Envision is a spa and salon business management solution. That includes tools for scheduling, email marketing, sales and point of sale (POS). Its online appointment calendar is easy to read. Loyalty programs, memberships and SMS messaging can be set up and managed. The software also offers customized mobile apps that bring increased visibility and revenue.

 Stylie One

Stylie One markets itself as a booth rental software. That promises to design point-of-sale (POS) and scheduling solutions for independent service providers. It is ideal for hairdressers and professional beauticians offering appointment services, and is supported by Android and iOS smartphone apps. Point-of-sale and inventory management tools really help make sales and accounting easier by automating discounts, receipts, group payments and more.


Rosy is a web-based salon and spa management solution. It offers its services primarily in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. Point of Sale (POS) allows you to manage gift cards, cash boxes and all other transactions. It supports email messaging option to send bulk promotional emails to customers to inform. Them about the latest offers, discounts or group packages that they can take advantage of.

 Simple Salon

Simple Salon is salon management software that manages online reservations, marketing, accounting, reporting and more. It also includes Xero integration, SMS alerts, business performance monitoring POS functionality, a cloud-based payroll solution and customer account management technology. The POS technology in this software allows users to close customer sales by keeping a complete record of customer transactions. The various features of this POS system help users to balance the cash drawer simply and accurately.


Kitomba is the perfect salon and spa Barcode Inventory System for Small Business for smart businesses. Packed with powerful features such as appointment booking, automatic reminders. Online booking, customer management, point of sale, vouchers, quotes, online access and daily data backup.


Shedul is an online booking and scheduling solution for salons, spas, personal trainers and other beauty and wellness businesses. She