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How to Resolve QuickBooks Bank Feeds Not Working Issue?

QuickBooks Bank Feeds Not Working

QuickBooks banking feature allows users to access their transaction details. But, sometimes, an issue like QuickBooks Bank Feeds Not Working occurs. There are multiple ways to fix it. 

Some of these are updating your bank details or changing your login credentials. Besides that, you can try opening bank feeds in incognito mode. 

Here’s how you can try to fix this issue. 

Causes of QuickBooks Bank Feeds Not Working Issue

The primary cause of this error is an interlinking issue between the software and the bank server. But that’s not all. The case of QuickBooks Bank Feeds not working may arise for various reasons. 

  • Intuit may not support your Bank 
  • Trying to access transactions details longer than 90 days
  • Sign-in credentials issue (incorrect or changed)
  • A problem with your current browser
  • The files in the bank feeds are not cleared yet

Try These Methods to Fix Bank Feeds Not Working Error

To begin, try accessing QuickBooks in incognito mode. See and check for the error. If so, then you can try the following methods explained here. 

1. Update Bank Sign-In Information

When did you last check your bank sign-in information? If you have changed them recently, you must update them. 

To do so: 

  • First, launch the Quickbooks
  • Then, select the Banking Center option. 
  • Now, tap on the Pencil icon to edit details. 
  • After that, select the Edit sign-in info button. 
  • When you see the dialog box saying “Credentials have been updated,” click the “I am done” option. 

Now check if you can access the bank feed. 

2. Disconnect & Reconnect Bank Account

It so happens that your bank account itself is creating the issue. For that, you can remove or disconnect the bank account and then reconnect it. 

Disconnect the bank account: 

  • First, open the Quickbooks program.
  • Then, select the Banking option. 
  • Now, tap on the Edit button. 
  • After that, select the Edit Account Info option. 
  • Now, you’ll see an option that says “disconnect this account,” please check this option. 
  • Now, tap on the Save and Close button. 

Reconnect the bank account: 

  • Again, open your QuickBooks program. 
  • Go to the Banking option. 
  • Then, select the tab Add Account
  • Here, enter your bank name or URL. 
  • Then, press the ok button.

Now, go to the Bank feeds and check if it’s working.

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Final thought:

We hope the issue of QuickBooks Bank Feeds not Working is resolved now. We’ll advise you to use the bank feed feature regularly. Doing so will keep it up-to-date. But, if you are still facing the error. You can either contact your bank support or us for help.

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