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QuickBooks Printer Not Activated Error Code 20 -(How to Fix)

QuickBooks error code 20

What causes QuickBooks Error 20 -Printer not activated problem?

This error code usually appears due to elimination/deletion of the ‘HKey_current_configsoftware’ key. QuickBooks program works on the same registry key as well. This situation leads to the condition where the outdated key stops the application as well as printer to run properly. It has been experienced that many program/applications use that same registry key..! It tends to cause malfunctioning of the software and other software’s as well.

This error can also be occur when the multiple QuickBooks versions are installed in the computer. This arrangement doesn’t harm the system but it could be a possible reason. If the multiple versions of QuickBooks application installed in a system have different directory then there is no problem.

The error code or error message appears again and you are unable to save/download the invoice, bill, or payslip as PDF..! It simply means that the QuickBooks application isn’t compatible with the PDF driver & operating system.

How to Fix Printer Not Activated – Error Code -20 on Windows 7 or later versions?

If the problem is associated with the problem, “Printer not activated? Error – 20” on the Windows 7, Windows 8 or later versions. In such scenario, you need to perform the solution steps given below:-

1. At first, close the final draft:

For Windows 8 or later:

Click on the “Start” or “Windows” icon on the display.

Perform right-click on the ‘Final Draft9/8 tile’.

Choose the ‘Run as Administrator’ tab.

For Window 7/Vista:

In the Windows 7, go to the “Start” icon => “Programs” tab.

Select the ‘Final Draft 9/8’.

Choose the ‘Run as Administrator’ tab.

Try again to save the documents In PDF format. Now, you will able to save your script as PFD with no issues.

2. Change the Directory:

Note: you need to consider the following points before changing the directory.

Generate the Backup: Before you make any changes in the present registry make sure that you create a backup. Use the old registry if in case you are unable to solve the issues with the modified registry.

For any further complications, you must be prepared with a system recovery point.

3. Create the Backup Registry:

At first, hit onto the “Registry Editor” tab.

Go to the folder tree in the left bar and click on the ‘Computer’ icon.

Then, hit onto the “File” icon => “Export” tab => “Save” icon.

4. Create the System Restore Point:

At first, click on the “Start” or “Windows” icon.

Search for the ‘System Restore’ option, click on the ‘Create a New Restore Point’ option.

Go to the “System Properties” screen.

Enable the “Protection Setting”.

If the function is disabled, click “Configure” and set the protection.

Finish with clicking Apply and OK button.

These settings will automatically create a system restore point.

Note: Before you make modifications to the Registry, ensure you take a back-up of your computer registry files and create a system restore point in case something else fails whilst you’re doing the actions you should have the ability to restore the system.

How to Solve QuickBooks Error code 20?

Below we have given 2 possible fixes to resolve printer not activated error code -20 in QuickBooks.

Solution 1: Re-installation of QuickBooks

This method is focused & aid to repair all your QuickBooks program. Uninstalling and then reinstalling QuickBooks software can be a good step to clean all the damaged or corrupted files. However, we recommend you to use the system security app and perform a clean up before you re-installing the QuickBooks.

First of all, close your QuickBooks and all the running programs on your systems.

Now go to the Control panel.

Here you need to find programs (Apps) & features options.

After that click on Programs & Features.

Now locate the QuickBooks and click on the Uninstall option.

Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks on your server computer – Screenshot

Download a fresh copy of the QuickBooks version that is compatible with your system.

Once the re-installation process gets complete, the program along with the printer will work again.

Restart your computer system to let the changes take place.

Note: If the problem is with the PDF converter only, then you are advised to uninstall the old driver and install a compatible driver with your operating system.

Solution 2: Manually Edit or Update the Registry key

This issue can be solved by upgrading your Windows 7 operating system. A clean installation of Windows 7 wouldn’t cause such type of critical error.

There are 2 ways of manually updating the registry key.

Method 1: Grant permission by using Registry Editor

Grant permission by using Registry Editor – Screenshot

Open your registry editor.

On your system keyboard, click Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.

Type Regedit command.

Now right-click on the Regedit & then select the option to Run as Administrator

Search HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG as now you have to get access to the registry editor.

Choose the permission after right-clicking the software folder name.

You need to verify that user has the full access control of the table.

Finally, click on the OK button and close the window & also the registry editor option.

After performing the above steps QuickBooks has the access to all keys and printer that should work in fine condition.

Method 2: Grant permission using Powershell script

This options described only for Windows 10 users. You can update your registry key editor manually by granting permission using Powershell script.

Note: The user account control who is looking for the permission should be logged in. A user account also has the access by using the command prompt.

Click on the Start button.

Now type cmd

After that select Run as an administrator by giving one right click cmd.

Type Power shell in the command prompt and also press Enter key.

Finally copy and paste the following code as it is showing on the command prompt

This will stop the error from reappearing.

Ms Command Prompt

Grant permission using Powershell script – Screenshot

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Winding Up!

We hopefully think the above-given methods resolve your QuickBooks printer not activated error code 20 and now you are able to print your files using QuickBooks.