Renting a Moving Container? Some Self-Storage Ideas You Must Know!

For someone planning a move, the foremost concern that remains is always about the safety and security of their belongings during transit. There have been situations where customers have faced a huge loss due to sudden natural calamities or human intrusion that has resulted in damage, loss, theft, pilferage, etc. and there have been heavy losses. Moreover, businesses too have faced heavy damage due to transhipment, which is a process where the move gets halted for an unforeseen situation and the truckload gets evacuated and fitted into a new moving vehicle that reaches the spot. During this juggling of goods from one place to another, involving multiple people at the same time hampers the sanctity of the move, and there is disruption and delay in the delivery time. The Indian logistics and transportation industry might have gotten over these situations and times long ago, but the concept is still followed by people in large numbers.

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Moving companies have therefore come up with this unique concept of portable storage where customers’ goods are shipped to the delivery station in a closed body container that is amply sheltered, well-built to provide the required assistance, and is also not much higher on the pricing scale. Companies have named these innovative, multipurpose containers/cubes as smart cubes, portable cubes, storage boxes, etc. Agarwal Packers has entirely revolutionized the concept and has come up with an all-inclusive, well-equipped, smart containerization theory and has named it ‘Trucking Cube’.

If you are well aware of these challenges but do not know where to start from, and how to find the best one as per your moving needs, check out the points we mentioned below.

How & Where to Find: Like the way we shop websites to come across a reliable moving company for our relocation, we can also browse options to find a decent self-storage facility available with the leading moving companies or storage service providers. The best place to find ideal storage and the moving option is by finding budget-friendly moving companies that have the facility of secure storage and warehousing to store customer belongings. Innumerable companies are offering this facility, all you need to be sure of is how much you can afford to spend because moving containers are expensive and a little bit of comparison and assessment can help you pick up a great deal. Also, at times companies charge way more than what the actual price is, so rather than hurriedly booking a deal, do some research and then decide.

Multiuse Advantage: These smart cubes or boxes are the perfect option to be used for transportation and storage. Household relocations see extensive use of these cubes where goods are packed and transported into these units and businesses, too incorporate these moving cubes for moving business supplies, office goods, fresh produce, retail products, raw materials, equipment, inventory, etc. When it comes to domestic use, these storage units play a very important role. Owing to the efficacy of the cube, customers do opt for this facility when they are either downsizing, moving for a temporary period, looking for a secure storage facility to upkeep their belongings, moving their goods and valuables to a secluded spot due to household renovation and maintenance, etc.

Upon renting a unit: Once you come across a relevant company that agrees to provide you with the required storage solution, you should review their terms and conditions apart from the cost. Usually renting a storage unit costs you a heavy amount of money, so make sure you check all the available options before you agree to one self-storage-providing company. Also, the cost of renting these smart cubes depend on multiple aspects and factors – the purpose – (transportation or storage or for both), the distance of your move, the cube size booked, and the duration for which the cube has been booked, etc.

Another essential aspect that is worth considering at this point is how you would know which size of the container is the right fit for your goods, well in general, there are several cube sizes available and one can find the right fit for their need once they discuss everything with the moving experts they are booking the facility with. Also, websites do mention the dimensions and carrying capacity of these moving containers, along with other primary information about these cubes, so make sure you have a look at that before you finalize a particular cube for your moving need.

Safety-security ensured: These smart cubes provide the maximum protection to customers’ goods and valuables, because they are made of durable elements, and are structured to precision to ensure hassle-free and secure delivery. Regardless, of the temperature and climate upheaval outside, the goods and valuables kept within remain as they are right from the first day till the day of delivery. Fortified with rock-solid, doors, that come with an exclusive lock and key facility, these closed body containers can be sealed with a personalized lock, once the packages have been arranged properly, and can be reopened once the moving cube is delivered to the destination.

Perfect ambiance for goods – The best part of these moving containers is that your goods and valuables get the best protection and the necessary atmosphere that they need to stay put. These self-storage cubes are climate controlled, pest controlled, and are cleaned thoroughly after every use. Moreover, these units are installed with GPS-enabled units for easy consignment tracking, embedded with the required amenities to ensure the goods remain intact even after a long duration of storage.

The best part is, with portable storage containers, you save a good amount of money because there is no need to pay extra, you pay only for the space occupied by your goods, which means even if you have a smaller shipment, and you need only a smaller space of the cube, you will pay only for only that space, and not the entire truck.


If you are an entrepreneur or a normal customer looking for a convenient, safe and secure shipment of goods from one place to another, without thinking much about the monetary aspect, then choosing these closed body trucking cubes or portable storage moving containers can be the best option for you!

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