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Room Cleaning and Disinfection Procedure

Room Cleaning and Disinfection Procedure

A procedure for cleaning and disinfecting premises consists of establishing or defining more clearly the cleaning and disinfection operations to be carried out in order to maintain a clean environment. From a visual (cleaning) and bacteriological (disinfection) point of view while respecting the legislation in force concerning the materials.

It concerns the place of intervention, the actors mobilized, the operating methods, the frequency of intervention, the documents for the management of the methods of use of the products in order to have traceability of the actions carried out and to prevent the risks.

Here’s how to do it:

Determine the scope of intervention

This involves defining the areas (floors, walls, doors, windows), sanitary facilities (WC, washbasin, taps, basins, etc.), furniture (chairs, tables, drawers, work surface, maintenance trolleys, …), And the material (refrigerator, bins, utensils, oven, work equipment,..) on which washing and disinfection will be carried out. Visit also: Lounge cleaning in Blacktown

Define the actors involved

This involves making a list of cleaning agents involved in this cleaning and disinfection mission.

Define the frequency of intervention

Know when the operations (cleaning and/or disinfection) will be carried out (per day, per week, per month, etc.)

Define the mode of intervention

Know how to operate and what actions to take (which products, which modalities of use, which equipment)

Here is how to make the division for each work step of an intervention:

  1. Preparation-cleaning-rinsing-disinfection-drying


  • Preparation-cleaning / disinfection-rinsing-drying.


  1. Preparatory phase: remove waste, clear surfaces, remove coarse dirt, etc.
  2. Cleaning: water at 40 C ° + degreaser + mechanical action
  3. Rinsing: clear water
  4. Disinfection: water + disinfectant + action time
  5. Rinsing: clean water
  6. Drying: squeegee (floor), paper towels, rags (surfaces)…

Identify the cleaning products to use

For this crucial step, you should choose the right products to use, taking into account the type of soiling or soiling, the type of support, and the quality of the support to be cleaned.

Identify cleaning equipment

The material used depends on the environment or the material on which it will be used, hence the need to define first, the areas of intervention.

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