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Sage EFT Direct Error


Sage EFT direct error is a well-known error by a Sage user. The common reason in the Sage application for EFT Error is the slowness of EFT. More cause can be behind Sage error but mentioning all the reasons is not possible until we know the exact reason. Below are some main reasons due to which EFT direct errors happen.

Sage EFT Issues:

  • Sage Run-time error 2147024829 (80070043) – This error comes up when you try to opening Sage 50 EFT direct.
  • Error 2147467259 (80004005) Sage – This error comes up when you try to generate a file or print from Sage 50 EFT Direct.

What are the Reasons for Sage EFT Direct Error:

  • EFT file generation not completed.
  • Transactions are not pulling up in EFT.
  • EFT direct encounter while reading the data.
  • File generation takes a long time as usually by direct.
  • The generation starts but then loops back to the first screen.

Solutions Steps to Fix Sage EFT Direct Error:

There are some common resolutions are given, you can follow and try to remove the above error.

Method 1: EFT stalls when the file is generatedA/R Generation

EFT stalls when the file is generated

  • Open the Sage 50 file and create a backup.
  • After that Click Maintenance.
  • Clear Data.
  • Select Clear Paid Transactions.
  • Select Clear paid customers transactions.
  • Check the options” Include inactive customers “option.
  • Clear lookup Data for all paid Transactions, then click select all.
  • Click on Customer aged detail report to run the report to ensure that no duplicate receipt numbers are used, and common and quotes are not included in any receipt number.
  • Select the date on the line Clear Transaction Paid or before.
  • Select Ok.

A/P Generation

  • Open Sage 50 file.
  • Create a backup.
  • Select Maintenance.
  • Clear Data.
  • Select Clear Paid Transaction, then Clear Paid Vendor Transactions.
  • Check the Include, inactive vendors options.
  • Clear lookup data for all paid Transactions.
  • Click select all.
  • Run the vendor-aged detail report to ensure that no duplicate cheques are being used and commas and quotes are not included in any cheque number.
  • The select date on the line Clear Transactions paid or before.
  • Select ok.

Payroll Generation

  • Open sage 50 files.
  • Create a backup.
  • Select maintenance, clear data.
  • Clear paycheque details.
  • Delete any employees which have not been PAID in the last 7 years.

Method 2: The working directory is Under C:\Program Files (x86) EFTSIMPLY/Data

Solution 1:

  • Create a new company file in sage 50 EFT direct & use a new working directory.
  • Restores your files from the old sage 50 EFT direct company file
  • Delete the old company file if required.

Solution 2:

  • Open company file in Sage 50 EFT Direct.
  • Click company profile, Company maintenance.
  • Note where the current “working directory “is located.
  • Close out of Sage 50 EFT Directs and navigate to the working directory.
  • Rename the working directory folder.
  • Copy the working directory to the location you want it to be stored.
  • Open EFT and note that you will get a dialog box popping up the information that “A required working directory is not found. Please specify it and try again.”.
  • Click OK.
  • Enter the new” Working Directory “path and re-enter your sage 50 Directory and file name.
  • Answer no, “Do you want to delete all information concerning the old company?

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