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Scalp Micropigmentation Cost, What Is It? How Much Does It Cost?

Scalp micropigmentation cost

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Hair loss is a top condition that affects both men and women. Many hair loss solutions work for others and do not work for others. Scalp micropigmentation is one of those. It provides an innovative treatment and lasts longer. The procedure is sometimes referred to as a hair tattoo. Please read this post to learn more about scalp micropigmentation cost, its work, and expected outcomes.

What Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is an advanced cosmetic treatment whereby a trained doctor uses small needles to put pigments into the hair follicles. The hair pigmentation will generate the look of a natural shaved head of hair. Typically, scalp micropigmentation looks like this;

The doctor will tell you the correct shade of the pigments and the type of hairline you would want during the consultation. At first, your scalp will appear red and fade after a few days. After that, there will come the first pigment. The artist will apply it to each follicle, which can irritate the skin and generate scabs. Typically, the scabs will fall off within four days after treatment to help reveal a light layer of the pigment.

The second treatment typically works a week or two later. Added pigments will be inserted to generate the needed color and increase its density. In this phase, a darker shade is used. Every session of SMP will take between three and five hours. And it will be the last opportunity to make any requests or ask more questions regarding this procedure.

There is a third treatment sometimes if needed. Some professionals need a third treatment, while others recommend it if the other one is fading. The pigment will be applied again to generate a finished appearance.

Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

If you wonder how much micropigmentation costs, you are at the right place. You need to note that this treatment is much cheaper than hair transplants and several other long-lasting treatments for hair loss. The actual scalp micropigmentation cost depends on the provider and the extent of your hair loss.

The cost estimates typically range from $1800 to $4000 for a usual treatment for balding. The scar treatment can range between $1200 to $2500 because usually, it covers less site. Since this treatment is permanent, the process is cheap.

What are the SMP Results?

Mostly, the SMP results appear natural, but the hairline tends to vary based on the natural hair pattern. However, this outcome can be whatever you prefer, for instance, a youth-like appearance. The SMP micropigmentation imitates the real hair, and therefore, no one will know that it is a hairline tattoo.

Some people do not want a freshly shaved appearance and opt for this treatment to increase their hair density. The provider usually uses microneedles to put pigments between the strands of your hair to generate the appearance of thick hair for those suffering from hair loss. You can also use this treatment to cover scars on the scalp that resulted from a hair transplant surgery or accident. These SMP pigments will be inserted along and around the scar to produce a realistic and the best outcome. The scars tend to be invisible under this procedure.

Who Makes the Best SMP Candidate?

If you are experiencing balding, you are the best candidate for SMP. The treatment can overcome the negative impact of balding by providing you with a freshly shaved appearance. Scalp micropigmentation is also ideal for both men and women suffering from thinning hair and need a look of a higher hair density. If you are not a perfect candidate for a hair transplant, SMP would be the best solution for your hair loss.

Suppose you want to cover scars, burns, or birthmarks on your scalp. You are also the best candidate. The treatment will conceal these marks. Also, if you have alopecia, SMP will be your permanent solution. You do not need a hair transplant surgery or wigs to cover your head because SMP treatment is here to help give you a natural outcome.

Does SMP Treatment Work?

SMP hair loss treatment is a permanent solution like a tattoo. The pigments start to fade after three to five years, and you will require a touchup to maintain the outcome. However, this outcome will highly depend on the first treatment. It is therefore essential to look for a qualified provider for the treatment. If performed by a skilled practitioner, SMP results in a natural appearance and will last longer.

Final Thought

Scalp micropigmentation cost is better compared to other hair loss treatments. It is a cost-effective hair loss solution that offers you a permanent outcome. This treatment is not for everyone, though. First, the costs are high, and you need to shave your head frequently. Most providers offer free consultation sessions. Here they will guide you through the treatment process and the actual cost, and some will virtually show you your look after the treatment. Therefore if you are interested in this treatment, schedule a consultation session with your preferred provider.