SEO and the Client’s Expectations!

The work of a search engine optimizer (often called SEO) helps visitors get the information they need from the websites they have visited. Therefore, SEO plays an important role in terms of research and development. In many cases, customers and website visitors who use SEO services prove to be too demanding on search engine optimizers. Well, no pain, no gain. The work of SEO seems to be based too strictly on this model.

SEO work and sales

The role of SEO is not only very important for researching specific topics or ideas, but even more so when it comes to sales. In most cases, the optimizer provides services to help website visitors research company products.

Products can be diverse, ranging from biscuits or other foods to cosmetics to electronic devices, including almost all saleable products, items, ideas, etc. on the planet. The seo company is very clear, basically his work aims to optimize the company’s sales. He doesn’t want to upset the company or the people who visit the company’s website. Therefore, most SEOs prefer to add a small sentence at the bottom of the page to indicate that the visitor’s search results may vary from site to site. After all, like any other professional, SEO prefers security!

SEO expectations and some realities

Because the company’s requirements for SEO are sometimes even impractical, he must be extraordinarily smart (of course, this is not the same as being too smart). When it comes to selling new products, the search engine optimizer is not just asking to optimize sales. In this special case, he must first initiate sales for the new product, if the merchant happens to be a smaller one or a new one.

If an SEO service is hired by a small or newly opened company, the optimizer is expected to optimize product sales (or even initiate sales if they are new), bring the business closer to the big competitors, and gradually lead them. Now, anyone can understand the expectations of SEO sales. When expectations are not met (which may sometimes be the case), the resulting picture may be sad.

It seems that this is not enough, even the company’s sales department likes to transfer its main responsibilities to SEO after hiring his services. Most of the time, the department’s attitude is to convey information to SEO, stating unequivocally that it is his responsibility to optimize the sales of popular products, initialize and optimize the sales of new products, and reinitialize sales and even those products. It failed in the market before.

In other words, it is hong kong SEO, not the sales department, that optimizes and maintains the market. The optimizer has only two options: Either meet all expectations, or if he fails to do it even once, then provide an absolutely convincing explanation to the company that hired his service.

SEO: Catering to customer expectations

Although the contract letter provided to SEO clearly reads the terms and conditions related to responsibilities and even ranking, traffic, return on investment and conversion rate, in the long run, it is the result of the work, not the job profile such as the contract letter. As described in.

SEO’s view of its work: risk factors

Therefore, a potential but not very clear (and therefore not very often realized) risk factor is that most SEOs focus on performing the operations specified in the contract, rather than emphasizing the results. The result: the sales of companies that hire SEO services are far from optimized. In some cases, SEO can’t even maintain pre-existing sales. You can even see his professional relationship with the company’s sales department. Eventually, he may be fired and replaced by another SEO. In most cases, one or more well-known or well-known companies have been tried and tested. Therefore, focusing on results is a key element of any SEO. He must focus on the goal.

Services provided by SEO: How do customers evaluate them?

A large number of companies that employ SEO services are very concerned about their online rankings. Naturally, they want to rank faster when hiring an SEO. Wise customers will set aside at least a reasonable amount of time for SEO, because even a highly intelligent and professionally intelligent search engine optimizer needs at least some time to increase the number of visitors to their client’s website.

Even if the search engine is optimized to increase its efficiency several times over the original, the improved improvements will attract the attention of netizens in a short period of time.

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